Malibu High School Academics

  • As a public high school, Malibu High serves a diverse group of students, and our academic programs reflect that diversity. We promote academic rigor, in-depth study, challenging coursework, and a range of study that compliments a variety of student interests. The curriculum is college preparatory, filled with honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes and allows for the individual progression of students’ aptitudes and interests during their stay at MHS.

    The high school education program is structured so that every student will fulfill graduation and college entrance requirements. Our diverse educational programs ensure that students are competitive candidates for top colleges and universities. Our classes are rigorous and challenging, whether they are college prep, honors or Advanced Placement.

    If not selected by their teachers, students may petition to be in Honors or AP classes. Our small, personalized school allows a flexible academic program to meet the needs of all students. The breadth of our specialized electives is unusual in such a small school. Students are encouraged to think critically, grow intellectually and become responsible, young adult learners.