Parent Resource Network

  • The Parent Resource Network (PRN) is a parent-to-parent resource network that provides emotional support and information to parents/families of children with special needs. We are not counselors, therapists or advocates. We are trained parents who have experienced the feelings and emotions that come with learning that our children have a disability. We offer moral support and encourage parents to feel comfortable and optimistic about the future. The Parent Resource Network does not promote or advocate any treatment or therapy but can help parents find support services and resources both within and outside the school district.

    The PRN seeks to provide and foster moral and emotional support to parents/families of students with special needs and to provide assistance connecting parents with similar experiences to community groups and resources and to promote positive relationships between parents and our school community. By working together with school principals, general education teachers, special education teachers and District staff, we create an environment of acceptance and inclusion for all children.

    We believe that parents who are informed, connected and supported by other parents who have “been there,” are better able to meet challenges that arise. We believe that one of the most meaningful sources of support and information comes from other parents who have experienced parenting a child with a special need.

    If you have questions or would like to speak with a Parent Network Volunteer, please ask a school administrator for contact information for your school’s Volunteers. For information about Santa Monica-Malibu Council of PTAs, or its Special Education Committee, please access:

    JOIN US! We’re expanding! If you’re interested in becoming a Parent Resource Network Volunteer next year, please let us know: