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    Steve & Vanessa Alexander
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    Chris & Laura Camarella
    Case Family
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    In Memory Of Atticus Anderson
    Niel & Donna Armstrong
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    Anne & Stuart Burkin
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    Urban Mayhem
    Heather Vargas
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    Kerri Wilder
    Jaime Hiney & John Wildermuth
    Christina Williamson
    Paul Yoffe
    Kelli Young

  • Annual Foundation Giving
    Ken & Nancy Camarella Fund for the Performing Arts

    This annual contribution commitment comes to Arts Angels from Ken and Nancy Camarella, whose granddaughters Jackie and Gianna participate in our choir and band. Mr. and Mrs. Camarella have been passionate about music for years as they were both teachers for the first 20 years of their careers. Mr. Camarella also conducted his church and school choirs for fun as his hobby and passion, on the side. Mr. and Mrs. Camarella have hosted numerous Lake Arrowhead Jazz Festivals over the years and created a string instrument program at Rim of the World High School, influencing countless students over the years, sending them to Carnegie Hall and Rome to perform. The Camarella family continues to be committed to helping our music and theatre students at Malibu Middle and High Schools. We are grateful for their caring support.

    A special thank you to Alex Aspron, Majo Lopez, & Krishna Jaret for organizing the Holiday Boutique which raised $7380 for our schools.