21st-Century Schools

  • Malibu Middle School construction Measure M: Malibu, $195 million, 2018
    Malibu voters passed Measure M by 70% in 2018. It is a $195 million general obligation bond dedicated to improving Malibu pathway school facilities. This money will be used to upgrade technology, increase safety and security through fire alarm upgrades and gate access improvements, and to modernize and build new facilities at multiple campuses in support of 21st-century learning.

    The bond was approved through the newly created School Facilities Improvement District No. 2 (Malibu schools). The tax area includes the properties in the City of Malibu and the Unincorporated Areas of Los Angeles County within the school district boundaries. The funds can only be used to improve Malibu schools and expand the self-determination of the Malibu schools.

    Bond proceeds are being used to complete the elementary schools alignment projects and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at Malibu and Webster Elementary Schools; and construct new construction at Malibu Middle and High School.

    New Santa Monica High School Science and Technology Buildings Measure SMS: Santa Monica, $485 million, 2018
    Santa Monica voters passed Measure SMS in 2018, with 72% support from voters. The $485 million general obligation bond is dedicated to improving Santa Monica school facilities. The new School Facilities Improvement District No. 1 (Santa Monica) is restricted to Santa Monica voters and schools.

    This money will be used to upgrade technology, increase safety and security through fire alarm upgrades and gate access improvements, and to modernize and build new facilities at multiple campuses. The primary focus of Measure SMS will be to continue implementing the Samohi Campus Plan, improving the high school for all Santa Monica students.

    Measure ES: Santa Monica and Malibu, $385 million, 2012
    Previously, we made improvements with, and $385 million from Measure ES, passed in 2012. Some of those projects:

    • Samohi: Discovery Building - new classroom building with 38 classrooms, Replacement of windows, paint, floors and doors at Franklin, Grant, McKinley, Rogers, Roosevelt, Washington West and Olympic
    • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning upgrades at Franklin, Grant, McKinley, Rogers, Roosevelt, Washington West, Lincoln and Olympic.
    • At John Adams Middle School: New synthetic turf was installed, solar panels were installed, the gym floor was replaced and some HVAC and electrical upgrades were made.
    • Replacement of the track at Lincoln Middle School
    • At Samohi: New softball field, new track and field lighting, artificial turf on the Science Quad, Science Quad stair replacement and ADA ramp installation, HVAC and electrical upgrades, Barnum Hall repairs and upgrades, and solar panel installation at the Innovation Building.
    • Webster ES: Modernization of windows, paint, floors, doors and ADA upgrades, new 21st-century educational technology in all learning spaces, improved parking lots and drop-off/pick-up zones that have improved student safety and visitor convenience, security cameras and new locks
    • New HVAC systems installed at Malibu ES, Webster ES, MMS and MHS
    • Malibu ES: Automatic shut-off valves were installed for natural gas lines, which help prevent fire in the event of a substantial seismic event, security cameras and new door locks were installed
    • Malibu ES: New 21st-century educational technology installed in all learning spaces, installation of new playgrounds on the upper campus which include: two slides, swings, and three musical stations with a xylophone, drums and chimes
    • Malibu MS and MHS: All classrooms include LED lighting, heating and air conditioning, floor-to-ceiling windows, 21st-century learning technology and new easy-to-move flexible furniture to allow for many classroom set-ups
    • MMS and MHS: New library features reconfigurable furniture and areas for reading, study and collaboration, a new two-story building has 12 classrooms, three sets of boys' and girls' restrooms, an elevator tower, stairs. The site also includes a new walkway, landscaping, concrete-seat walls, an exterior courtyard, stairs and a canopy. The building is sustainably made from repurposed shipping containers.
    • MMS and MHS: Perimeter camera systems were installed throughout campus to increase campus security

    Measure BB: Santa Monica and Malibu, $268 million, 2006
    Passed in 2006 with an allocation of $268 million for Santa Monica and Malibu schools. The highlights of Measure BB include:

    • Technology, including a consolidated data center for the entire district and technology upgrades (wifi, SMARTBoards) at 11 schools
    • Edison Language Academy: New campus construction
    • Samohi: Construction of the new Innovation building
    • Lincoln MS: New Library and classroom wing
    • Adams MS: New classroom and administration buildings
    • Malibu High School: New library, classroom and administration building
    • Olympic: Modernization and seismic upgrades
    • All Measure BB projects are complete, with the exception of the new Malibu administration / library / classroom building scheduled to open for fall 2020

    Strict Fiscal Accountability Provisions:

    • All funds would be used for local schools in our community and by law, cannot be taken by the State
    • Citizens' oversight committees and annual audits are required.