Physical Education Program

  • Students in 1st-5th grade receive 125 minutes of physical education a week provided by our Physical Activities Specialists (PE Coaches).

    The PE curriculum reflects the California State Physical Education Standards for each grade level. The SPARK Curriculum is used district-wide as a research-based physical fitness program tied to state standards. Below please find a brief list of the games, sports and skills that your child will be experiencing at his or her grade level:

    1st and 2nd grade: Tag and aerobic games, muscle strengthening and stretches, dribbling and kicking, dribbling and passing, hula hoop, jump rope, parachute, handball, Frisbee, flag games, striking and volleying, and throwing and catching.

    3rd-5th grade: aerobic and cardio games, muscle strengthening and endurance, flexibility, eating smart, personal hygiene, fitness and sports challenges, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, football, parachute, soccer, softball/baseball, volleyball, handball, dodge ball games, and flag games.

    At all grade levels we emphasize sportsmanship, team spirit, accepting personal responsibility, setting and meeting personal goals for fitness, honoring differences, collaboration and cooperation.

    Proper Dress Attire
    Please see the school’s dress code. Students should wear closed toed shoes and appropriate attire so they can participate safely in physical education. All students must wear comfortable athletic shoes that provide foot and/or ankle support. If a student forgets to wear or bring athletic shoes, PE coaches will ask the student to refrain from the active physical education exercises, and instead participate in an alternate activity. Should this occur, a note will be sent home to remind students of proper dress attire.

    Sick Notes
    All students are expected to participate in PE. If a child needs to sit out from PE and recess due to illness or injury, a sick note from the parents/doctor should be turned in to the health office and to the PE coaches detailing the injury and when they can return to physical activity.