Measure ES

  • In 2012 Santa Monica-Malibu Voters passed Measures ES, a $385M bond which will help us continue our goal of improving all our schools. This bond money will be utilized to upgrade technology throughout the district, increase safety and security through fire alarm upgrades and gate access improvements, and to modernize and build new facilities at multiple campuses.

    District-Wide Campus Building Study for Cooling Load & HVAC System Study: This project provides Cooling Load & HVAC System Study services for District-Wide identification of solutions to classroom and office temperature issues. The study of the campuses within the District provides clear and concise recommendations. The District, after the selection of each recommendation, will be able to release the document for the design of the selected and recommended option(s). The recommendations may be repair, modification, or replacement of equipment, and partial or complete installation of new systems or equipment including but not limited to all necessary support disciplines. All affected disciplines of design for the recommendations shall take into account the feasibility of the changes and shall be economical to the District while compliant with all applicable codes. Simple temperature control systems shall be studied and proposed to be able to control different classrooms or spaces within the same building. The intention of this study doesn’t include any major central plant design or complicated controls within the campus or between campuses.

    The Cooling Load & HVAC System Study will provide the District with a plan to address installation of new building systems, and replacement or retrofit of the existing building systems along with identification of possible alternative measures for temperature control. The following services are anticipated:

    • Evaluation of existing HVAC Systems. Documentation of existing systems existing conditions and performance including but not limited to: Complete study of the existing campus HVAC systems with observed deficiencies and recommended changes, equipment sizing, equipment age, verification of correct installation and operation to meet code requirements, verification of appropriate ventilation supply through a detailed balancing report, verification of existing static air pressure and temperature rise/fall through measurement of flow rate and generate an energy report, duct size and routing (visual observation only), duct air leakage (visual observation only), duct insulation, and system balance.
    • Calculation of Cooling Load (for all spaces identified, with or without existing HVAC) Calculations based on existing building envelope including load requirement for individual rooms to allow for proper system sizing. Cooling load calculations shall consider the following: site orientation and ASHRAE climate conditions, Educational, State and local regulatory requirements, Costs related to installation and operation, Analyze and include the required fresh air requirements.
    • Recommendations. Proposed design recommendations shall include estimated project cost (including all design, construction and professional fees) and estimated payback period based on energy and maintenance cost savings, after modifications. Recommendations may include but are not limited to: Modification of existing HVAC system, Installation of new HVAC system, Retrofit of all delivery system including all ductwork, registers, mixing boxes and all related systems, Upgrade of existing control and/or new systems.
    • Action plan for new installation, replacement and/or retrofit of existing ventilation systems: After District reviews and provides direction on proposed measures, provide recommendation of system retrofit, including new or replacement systems and upgrades. Organize recommendations by site in logical order (by campus) and recommend time frame to implement modification by each campus. Recommendations shall take into account the anticipation that District functions will remain the same (meaning campuses will be operational and will not be shut down), unless otherwise indicated by the District at its sole discretion.
    • Preliminary cost opinion. Prepare preliminary cost opinions by site (campus) for recommended design work.

    DELIVERABLES: The selected firm(s) shall provide the following deliverables:

    • A strategic Cooling Load study and HVAC System modification plan that includes an assessment of the opportunities for each of the possible solutions. Determine the most appropriate air conditioning/ventilation system and technologies for the Districts’ geographic location, and climatic conditions by site/building based on ASHRAE climate data. Identify the optimal location of these systems.
    • A map of all potential installation locations divided into layers for each individual technology and/or system. This map shall be delivered in both electronic (CAD files), as well as hard copy formats, broken down by site/building.
    • An executive summary of the comprehensive report by site/building, as a separate document.