Health Office Information

  • Emergency Cards:
    Emergency Cards enable teachers, Health Office, and office staff to contact the appropriate person if a child becomes ill or has an accident. Please keep your records up to date with the correct names, addresses, and telephone numbers. This is vital to the safety and welfare of your child. Inform the school office of any changes to contact information.

    Health Office Coverage:
    A registered nurse is at McKinley on select days. There is a Health Office Specialist available daily in the Health Office. The Health Office provides emergency first aid only for injuries or an illness during school. You will be contacted, if necessary, using the phone numbers listed on your emergency cards in the office. Please make sure to update your emergency cards as needed during the school year. To reach the Health Office call 310-828-5011 ext 65119. 

    If your child becomes sick or injured at school:
    Children cannot be released without the consent of a parent, guardian or other person listed on the emergency card. Elementary school children are not permitted to go home alone during the school day. McKinley is not equipped to care for children who are ill. Please assist us by picking up your child in a timely manner when they are ill. Do not send children to school if they appear to be ill. Your child must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.

    It is strongly recommended that each child have a thorough examination at least once a year, preferably before entering school in the fall. If, following an injury or illness your child has a cast or needs to use crutches at school, a note from the doctor is required. Students absent from school for 5 or more days because of illness will need a doctor's note.

    If your child needs medication at school:
    Parents must bring the medication and a doctor's and parent's written request to the school nurse. All medication must be labeled with the student's name, correct dosage and name of the drug by a pharmacy, medical doctor or health clinic.  Students may not carry any type of medication with them, which includes over-the-counter medication; all medication must be stored in the Health Office with the appropriate paperwork on file.