School Site Focus

  • Academic Discourse
    Data shows that listening and speaking skills, and communicating reasoning in math, are areas of need for our students. At McKinley we use a variety of protocols to provide students with opportunities to talk to each other in pairs and groups to explain their thinking and deepen their understanding. You will also see students using sentence frames and Thinking Maps to guide their thinking and apply academic vocabulary.

    Some benefits of Academic Discourse include:

    • Discourse is a research-based proven effective strategy for closing the achievement gap.
    • Discourse strengthens listening and speaking skills and deepens students’ understanding of concepts.
    • Discourse develops students’ higher-order thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving skills all of which will transfer across subject areas.
    • Discourse engages students in learning and in school.
    • Discourse promotes a positive school culture by facilitating relationship building.
    • Discourse benefits English Learners by rapidly developing academic language.
    • Discourse ties directly into District, LCAP, SPSA, and McKinley goals.