Advisors 2021-22

  • S House Advisors
    Lisa DeMirjian, Room L200
    Grades 9 & 11
    310-450-8338 x71267 l

    Amy Golden Malone, Room L200
    Grades 10 & 12
    310-450-8338 x71268 l

    M House Advisors
    Jennifer Flavin, Room D201
    Grades 10 & 12
    310-450-8338 x71851 l

    Maribel Pulido, Room D201
    Grades 9 & 11
    310-450-8338 x71852 l

    O House Advisors
    Maricela Gonzalez, Room D301
    Grades 10 & 12
    310-450-8338 x71862 l

    Laura Simone, Room D301
    Grades 9 & 11
    310-450-8338 x71861 l

    H House Advisors
    Virginia Mendoza, Room E109
    Grades 9 & 11
    310-450-8338 x71132 l

    Stephanie Miller, Room E109
    Grades 10 & 12
    310-450-8338 x71134 l

    I House Advisors - Advisor Department Chairs
    Jessica Garrido, Room i208
    Grades 10 & 12
    310-450-8338 x71227 l

    Yunuen Valencia, Room i208
    Grades 9 & 11
    310-450-8338 x71226 l

    Advisor Bios

    Lisa DeMirjian has been working in SMMUSD since 1989. She received her BA in Psychology with a minor in Liberal Studies from UCLA. She then earned her teaching credentials and two masters degrees from CSUN and her Pupil Personnel Credential from California Lutheran University. Lisa previously worked at Lincoln Middle School and at the SMMUSD District Office before coming to SAMOHI. Lisa loves working with her students and being part of SAMOHI.

    Jennifer Flavin was born and raised in Palos Verdes, CA. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego and then went on to get her Master’s in Education and Pupil Personnel Services credential from Point Loma Nazarene University. Prior to joining Samohi, Jennifer worked as a high school counselor at Yuba City High School in Northern California, taught English as a second language in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica and also worked as a college counselor at Hamilton High School. She is thrilled to be a part of the Samohi community!

    Jessica Garrido received her BA in Psychology with a minor in Education from UC Santa Cruz. After a few years directing an after school program for elementary school students, Jessica returned for her MA in Counseling and PPS in School Counseling from Loyola Marymount University. Jessica has been an Advisor at Santa Monica High School since 2004. Prior to Samohi, Jessica worked as a Counselor at Culver City Adult School, a Counseling Assistant at Venice High School, and did research for educational programs through LAUSD. So far, Santa Monica is her favorite place to be, especially I House!

    Amy Golden Malone was born and raised in NY and moved to California in 2001. Prior to her move, she received her Master’s in Education with a concentration in School Counseling from the University of Maryland. Ms. Golden’s first job was as a middle school counselor in 1999. Since then she has been a Teacher, Counselor, Assistant Principal and Principal. After 9 years in administration, Ms. Golden is thrilled to be back in the job she loves the most… S House Advisor.

    Maricela Gonzalez' passion for counseling first started in high school where she was a College Peer Counselor for 2 years. Her journey continued in LAUSD where she became a Teacher's Assistant for 3 years while she was receiving her BA in Sociology at UC Irvine. Her journey set off Northeast when she landed at USC, where she earned her Masters in Social Work with an emphasis in school counseling and received her PPS Credential. She was an intern at John Adams Middle School for a year and after graduation was invited to become part of the JAMS team. She was honored to work with the JAMS community for 8 years. In 2010, her passion then lead her to SAMOHI, where she has continued her journey and have been loving it ever since.

    Virginia Mendoza is a first-generation college graduate and educator with years of experience. She received her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and her Master's degree in School Counseling with a PPS credential from Loyola Marymount University (Go Lions!) in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA. She received her Master's degree in Education from Hunter College in New York City, where she taught 6th and 7th grade ELA, Math, and Science. As a school counselor, she has supported the success and development of high school students within the Los Angeles area. She is thrilled to be a part of the Samohi community and looks forward to working with students and their families.

    Maribel Pulido became an Advisor for Samo starting in 2006. Maribel is originally from San Bernardino County and moved to the Los Angeles area as she continued with her educational career. She earned both her degrees from Loyola Marymount University: BA in Psychology and minored in Theology and immediately after received her Master’s in Counseling and a Pupil Personnel Services Credential. Prior to SAMO, she interned and was a substitute teacher for the Centinela Valley Unified School District. She is bilingual (Spanish and English) and loves to travel!

    Laura Simone has 22 year of teaching and counseling experience. Bachelors Degree from USC, Masters Degree from Azusa Pacific University. Pupil Personnel Credential, Administrative Credential, Teaching Credentials in Health and Physical Education, CLAD Credential.

    Yunuen Valencia has been working in the educational field since 2001. She received her BA in Sociology with a Minor in Spanish and received her MA in Counseling with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential from Loyola Marymount University. Before joining Samohi, Yunuen previously worked for LAUSD (Westchester High) and St. Bernard High School. Yunuen loves being a counselor at Samohi because of the diverse career and academic programs that are offered.