PTSA Reflections 2020-21


    To all of our amazing Samohi artists and creatives!
    The 2020 PTSA Reflections Competition, “I Matter Because...”, will continue for the following first place students as they compete at the SMMPTA Council (School District) level.

    1st place - Alejandra Hernandez

    Film Production
    1st Place - Kayla Lewis-Koury

    1st Place - Nola Brady
    2nd Place - Rachel Levin
    3rd Place - Kayla Lewis-Koury
    Honorable Mentions: Gabriel Aguiar, Mia Hanssens, Himani Machhaal

    Music Composition
    1st Place - Katell Brady

    1st Place - Sofia Yaron
    2nd Place - Ryan Brode
    3rd Place - Julia Lim

    Visual Arts
    1st Place - Letal Shimshi
    2nd Place - Mia Hanssens
    3rd Place - Colin Inatsugu
    Honorable Mentions: Mira Wali, Peyton Polito, Matthew Gonzalez, Sofia Yaron

    Congratulations to all, and thank you for your participation!
    We look forward to recognizing all of our talented submissions soon.