School Supplies

  • Students will receive lists of recommended school supplies from their teachers the first week of school.

    The ASB Student Store stocks the following school supplies. Items can be purchased online, at GYS Day and during the school year.

    ASB Student Store Price List:
    Student Planner: $10.00
    PE Shorts: $10.00
    PE T-Shirts: $10.00
    MHS Logo Sweatshirts and Hoodies: $18.00 - $37.00
    MHS Logo Sweatpants: $24.00
    HS ASB Card & Free Agenda*: $75.00
    MS ASB Card, Free Spirit Tee & Free Agenda*: $55.00
    Parking Permit (Juniors & Seniors Only): $105.00
    ASB + Parking Permit + Agenda Special Offer: $169.00

    *The ASB Card is not only an amazing way to support Athletics, Associated Student Body, and School programs, but it also gets you a free Student Planner and a lot of discounts at school and in the community.

    • Parking Permit Discount
    • Dance Discount
    • 10% Student Store Discount (once school begins)
    • Free Entry to non-playoff, home athletic events and
    • Community Discount Card at these local stores--just show the “ASB” sticker on your student ID at 5 Point Yoga, Becker, Chocolate Box Cafe, Clout, Howdy's Taqueria Malibu, Malibu Fitness, Malibu Gym, Pinnacle and Spruzzo's