Welcome to MHS

  • Thank you for visiting the Malibu High School (MHS) web site. This site contains a wealth of information that will be a valuable resource in answering your questions or just learning about our extraordinary school.

    MHS is a comprehensive high school, grades nine through twelve, that provides its students with a world-class, twenty-first century education. We pride ourselves on our friendly, caring environment that prepares all of its students to be thoughtful, insightful, lifelong learners, who are responsible citizens of a global community.

    Situated on the Pacific coast just outside Los Angeles, our students have access to hands-on, authentic learning opportunities for diverse courses of study – from marine and environmental sciences to visual and performing arts.

    In addition to having a highly dedicated and professional staff and faculty, MHS is also fortunate to have an engaged and supportive parent community. Thanks in large part to our various parent organizations and their contributions, Malibu High School thrives and continues to provide the quality programs and resources that our children deserve to be well-rounded individuals.