Project Safe Zone Involvement and Support

  • Conference Participants
    Conference participants are invited to apply beginning in February. Applications are available in all House offices. Watch for more information both at school and on this site.

    How can you support Project Safe Zone?
    Samohi has voluntarily funded a portion of our conference each year. Unfortunately this funding never guaranteed and does not cover the majority of our expenses.

    We are looking to the community to help us continue to offer and expand our program. The program relies upon the generosity of donors to cover the expenses of supplies, food, substitute teachers (who allow credentialed teachers to participate as adult facilitators), and more. In the past several years, area businesses have generously supplied the meals (special thanks to Earth, Wind and Flour), snacks, drinks, and paper supplies. We continue to actively look for businesses and individuals who are willing and able to financially support Project Safe Zone.

    We have found Samohi alumni and parents to be fantastic resources in our quest for support and donations. The donations received each year by individual parents, students, alumni and faculty is what has allowed us to continue PSZ. We welcome any information regarding organizations, businesses or individuals who would be willing to assist us with grants, funding, or donations.

    We very gratefully accept any donations to help facilitate this conference. We are happy to supply a funding prospectus, a fundraising flyer, and/or a tax-deductible receipt, depending on your needs.