MHS Clubs 2021-22

  • There are a great number and variety of activities and clubs for both the middle and high school student at MHS. The school offers over 30 different clubs that range from the serious and dedicated (Medicine for Humanity, Amnesty International) to the fun and  creative (Positive Poets). These clubs are an important reminder that teen life goes beyond academics, arts and sports and that all students are welcome to be a part of something at MHS. More than 20 different faculty serve as club advisors.

    The Operation Smile Club at MHS is one of the largest and most active chapters in the country. Each year, a select group of teachers and students go on Operation Smile missions to third world countries and then share their experiences with the entire school.

    Name of Club Club Type
    President Co-President
    President/Co-President Emails Advisor
    Meeting days
    Amnesty International Service Club Nova Mostafavi Sean Perl, Kimberly Auer Wednesday
    Art club Regular Club Kia Collins Lola Augspurger & Thor Evensen Thursday
    Baking Club Service Club Takoda moore Pheobe Knox Gonzo Monday
    Best Buddies Service Club Murial Buran Ayla Griffin-Jassby, Cindy Smith/Abraham Bucan Wednesday
    Chess club Regular Club Drake DeJute-Erickson James Fong Brian Corrigan Tuesday
    Children's Hospital Volunteer Club Service Club Stefan Colburn Nate Folkerts Cindy Smith Monday
    Classics Club Regular Club Betsy Baker Kate Baker , Sean Ryan Monday
    Creative Writing Club Regular Club Jolie Tantet Mackenzie Walser Bonnie Thoreson Monday, Tues
    Culture Club Service Club Isabella Burke Reyn Smith and Jordan Ervin Thursday
    Econ Club Regular Club Morgan Feig Hunter Shanahan Sean Ryan Wednesday
    Education Foundation Service Club Linda Morazan Vanessa Leinbach - Co: Jennifer Honzalez Tuesday
    Environmental Club Service Club Lucia Granados Lucella Costa, Rachel Stowell Monday
    Feminist Club Regular Club Isabella Howe Claire Buran, Rachel Stowell Monday
    Film Club Regular Club Isabella Howe Jack Niccol, Rachel Stowell Thursday
    GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Regular Club Juliana Simpson Catherine Mills, Sarah Ryan Thursday
    LA Culture Club Service Club Zoe Pollack Estelle Shah, Phoebe Knox, Mr.Evenson Tuesday
    Let's Talk Politics Service Club Sophia O'Brien Lauren Lapajne,, Ms. Hoos Wednesday
    Malibu Anti-Racist Solidarity Bookclub Regular Club Betsy Baker Ethan Marshall Maia Zander Tuesday
    MHS Robotics Club Regular Club Brian Corrigan Heath Sachson, Brian Corrigan Thursday
    Medicine For Humanity Youth Club Service Club Matthew Tarnay Callie Randall and Mai-Anh Tarnay Sean Ryan Thursday
    Operation Rehabilitation Service Club Nova Mostafavi Ethan Readyhoff, Cindy Smith Thursday
    Operation Smile Service Club Charlotte Flores Mathea Lasky Sarah Ryan/Brigette Leonard Tuesday
    Positive Poets Service Club Irina Columbeanu Chloe Loquet Irina: Chloe: Katy Lapajne Tuesday
    Surfrider Foundation Club Service Club Jaz Abbey Eden Amar President: Co-president: Sean Ryan Thursday
    Vitalize our Veterans Service Club Caidyn Ovsiowitz Casey Ovsiowitz Caidyn- / Casey- Chris Neier Thursday
    Younglife Regular Club Catherine Mills (both co-presidents) India Cortese, Nahla Seikali Friday