MHS Clubs

  • There are a great number and variety of activities and clubs for both the middle and high school student at MHS. The school offers over 30 different clubs that range from the serious and dedicated (Heal the Bay, Amnesty International) to the fun and whimsical (Tailgating Club). These clubs are an important reminder that teen life goes beyond academics, arts and sports and that all students are welcome to be a part of something at MHS. More than 20 different faculty serve as club advisors.

    The Operation Smile Club at MHS is one of the largest and most active chapters in the country. Each year, a select group of teachers and students go on Operation Smile missions to third world countries and then share their experiences with the entire school.

  • Kind of Club Name of Club President CO-President Advisor Room and Date
    Regular Club  AV Club Sarah G and Georgia K ----- Martinez Not Specified 
    Service Club Operation Smile Whitney Clarfield Alina Rose Mrs. Ryan  Tuesday in Library
    Service Club Education Operation  Kimya Kylie Mia ----- Martinez Tuesday in 201
    Service Club Zanmi Club Madison Smith Janet Ann Gonzalez  Tuesday in P.6
    Service Club Malijew/Jew Club Menachem Rabinowich  Ryan Sperber Corrigan  Thursday in 104
    Regular Club  Esports Community Club Mason Sainz  Cameron Burke Kertesz  Monday in 606
    Service Club Malibu Gardening Club Sophia Chaisson Alana Gutierrez Seikali Thursday in 621
    Service Club Shevet Achim Karis Hughes Sydney Morrison Seikali Monday in 621
    Service Club Clothes 4 Kids Lizzie G. and Lola K.  ----- Meyer Monday in Meyer
    Service Club Interfaith Club Tal Magdish  Xaiver Commerford Corrigan  Wednesday in 624
    Regular Club  Debate Club Pardis Eslamieh  ----- Evensen  Thursday in 505
    Regular Club  Math Roots Club Maximus Mellberg Xavier Commerford Corrigan  Everyday in 104
    Regular Club  French Club Grace Colburn Emerson Roth Scoffie Mondays in C4
    Regular Club  Car Club Brady Leib ----- Griffith Wednesday in 626
    Regular Club  Coding Club Alec Morrison Tal Magdish/Aden Al-Harden Seikali  TBD
    Service Club Big Heart Ranch Club Alex Sudmann Emma Sudmann Mayle Monday in P7
    Service Club Wells For Cambodia Emma Carroll Ellie Howard Evensen  Tuesday in 505 
    Service Club Stop The Traffick Jade and Lana King Grace Colburn  Mrs. Ryan  Tuesday in Library
    Regular Club  Periodt Power Elle Baker Kimmie Jimenez  Evensen  Monday in 505
    Regular Club  Campus Christian Club Ian Lamont Anthony Mark  Meyer Tuesday in 605 
    Regular Club  Venting Club  Gina Marcellino Mason Grammer Stowell  TBD
    Regular Club  Feminist Club Whitney Clarfield Ava Newman  Panish Thursday 
    Service Club Relief for Yemen  Theo Detweiler  Luke Lindstrom  Gonzalez  Wednesday in p.6
    Service Club Dresses Abroad Faith Holliman ----- Auer Mondays in C1
    Service Club Environmental Club Charli Seyler Amanda Kornuc Stowell  Wednesday in C19
    Service Club Best Buddies Angel Diaz Hamish Buran Heidi-Smith Thursday HS Room
    Regular Club  Poetry Club Isabella Howe Sophia Pilot  Carrier Thursday in P9
    Service Club Gay Straight Alliance Ava Newman Ashlyn Kunerth  Stowell  Tuesday in Stowell
    Service Club Go Play LA Chloe Dyne Shaila Sundher Meyer Thursday
    Regular Club  Photo Club Zoe Kofsky Catherine Mills Bowman Every other Thurs
    Service Club Baking/Cooking Club Takoda Moore Phoebe Knox  Evensen  every other weds
    Regular Club  Volleyball Club Elyse Morales  Katrina Kianpoor Beck Tueday
    Service Club Greenwave Monique Aldrich  Lucy Thrall    
      Peer to Peer  Ava Ray  -----  Plaia Monday