1st Year: Introduction to Engineering Design

  • Course Description

    Affordable housing design. Biofuel production. App development. These are all hands-on, real-world challenges students face in their PLTW Engineering Courses. Throughout the program, students step into varied roles engineers play in our society, discover new career paths and possibilities, and develop engineering knowledge and skills. In addition, as students work in teams to design and test solutions, they're empowered develop in-demand, transportable skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

    Class Topics:

    Semester 1

    Unit 1: Design Process
    Unit 2: Technical Sketching and Drawing
    Unit 3: Measurement and Statistics
    Unit 4: Modeling Skills
    Unit 5: Geometry of Design

    Semester 2

    Unit 6: Reverse Engineering
    Unit 7: Documentation
    Unit 8: Advanced Computer Modeling
    Unit 9: Design Team
    Unit 10: Design Challenges