Grad Nite Wish List for Prizes

  • Grad Nite June 11, 2024

    Prizes are a wonderful incentive for our deserving Grads at Grad Nite! And with over 750 graduating seniors, we will need lots of them. Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. (Donors will receive an official receipt once we receive your donation.) The main guideline to use to determine if a donation is appropriate is: "Is this a gift that an 18-year-old graduating senior would want for him/herself?" Some suggestions for prizes are listed here, or click the "Wish List" link below for more suggestion and to purchase prizes.

    Gift Cards (suggested $10-$25 value)
    A Big Hit!! Students can use now or when outfitting their dorm rooms! BestBuy, Target, etc.

    Sporting Goods
    Footballs; volleyballs; weight sets; skateboards; surfboards; snowboards; boogie boards

    Health and Beauty
    Salon gift certificates; manicure/pedicure; spa; health club visits; exercise/workout classes; haircuts; electronic toothbrushes

    Entertainment and Amusements
    Movie passes; amusement park admissions (2-4); concert tickets; sporting event tickets; Souvenir TV/Film merchandise/posters; movie or studio tours; VIP "passes"; Walk-on TV/Movie parts

    Restaurants or Fast-food Gift Certificates
    Lunch, dinner, etc.

    Blue tooth stereos; televisions; computer accessories; portable chargers; small appliances (microwaves, toaster ovens, etc.); PDAs; X-Box; games, etc.

    Gift Baskets
    Put a number of items together - some fun combos are possible. Example: fun dorm decorating items; sports packs; beach gear for the summer; colorful fleece blankets; or create your own clever basket.

    Amazon Wish List

    Thank you for your generous support!