Hints and Suggesstions for a Successful Senior Year

  • Pass your classes
    No student can receive a diploma, or participate in graduation, until all requirements have been met. There are no exceptions. Make sure you are communicating with your teachers on a daily basis about what you are expected to complete in order to pass each of your classes. Do not let there be any unexpected surprises. Contact your advisor to make sure you are in a position to meet all the requirements.

    Attend class every day on time, and fully participate
    Students who have exceeded the 20-day (120 periods) senior attendance requirement will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. There are no exceptions. Attend all your classes every day, every period. It is particularly important that all seniors are mindful when missing periods during the school day. Periods add up to full day absences very quickly. Students approaching or exceeding 20 days will have a letter sent home informing them of their status. Do not remove yourself from the graduation ceremony because of your attendance. See your advisor if you have questions regarding your attendance.

    All of your teachers want you to be successful and want to make sure you graduate. By arriving to class on time, participating, and doing what is expected of you each day, you are showing your teachers you are committed to being successful. Do not give yourself any reason not to pass.

    Take care of all obligations
    We need every senior to clear all College Center, textbook, library, financial, detentions, in-house and Saturday school obligations. By clearing your obligations, you are ensuring that we have the resources we need for the new class of students. Furthermore, clearing your obligations is a way to bring closure to this phase of your education and gives you the closure you need to move to the next phase. Students who do not clear their obligations will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. In addition, students who do not clear their obligations will not receive their diploma or any needed transcripts until all obligations are cleared.

    Make good decisions and choices
    We expect our seniors to be leaders at Samohi. You are a Samohi student until graduation is over. Do not do anything that might jeopardize your opportunity to participate in graduation, attend Grad Nite, or receive your diploma. The school has the right and responsibility to determine who participates in all school activities, including graduation. Failing to go to class, failing to clear obligations, fighting, pranks, tardiness, poor attendance, and suspension are all examples of things that may require us to deny a senior an opportunity to participate in graduation, Grad Nite and/or receive a diploma. Lastly, being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that alters judgment and behavior is not allowed at any school function. The school reserves the right to deny participation to any senior who we determine is under the influence. We hope that students do not make any foolish choices, and we certainly do not want to deny students any opportunity to graduate and receive a diploma -- but we will if we must!

    Know your finals and senior week schedules
    Printed on the back are very important dates and times that all seniors must follow. If necessary, please make appropriate arrangements now with your family, job, or other commitments so that you can adhere to the schedule for finals and senior week. We cannot make exceptions to the times shown.

    Thank important people
    We encourage each senior to reflect on your schooling and take time to write a letter, note, story, poem -- or whatever works for you -- to a teacher who has made a difference in your life. Also, take time to thank those who parent you. You did not make this journey alone, and all of the people who were part of your journey are thinking about you and wishing you well. Know that they are proud of you and want all your dreams to come true. Show at least one of them that they were important to you.

    Seniors must have a current Samohi ID for all activities!