Social Studies

  • Humanities
    Humanities is an integrated language arts and social studies course. In Humanities, 6th- grade students work on language arts concepts and social studies topics through a cohesive presentation of these materials. Grammar, compare and contrast and persuasive essays are integrated into the study of the ancient world. Students read required novels that enhance their understanding of history starting with early humans through ancient Rome.

    Social Studies 7
    Students study the social, cultural and historical aspects of Islam, Africa, China, and Japan. Students also gain a clear understanding of European history during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Students will have many creative projects including making a painting of one of the “master painters” during the study of the Renaissance. Students also participate in the Chivalry game that is a large class group project. The course concludes with a study of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.

    Social Studies 8
    In Social Studies 8, students study United States History from the Colonial period through the early 1900s. Students study the Constitution in depth and must pass the Constitution exam in order to promote to High School.