English Language Arts

  • Humanities
    Humanities is an integrated language arts and social studies course. In Humanities, 6th- grade students work on language arts concepts and social studies topics through a cohesive presentation of these materials. Grammar, compare and contrast and persuasive essays are integrated into the study of the ancient world. Students read required novels that enhance their understanding of history starting with early humans through ancient Rome.

    Language Arts 7
    The focus of 7th grade English Language Arts is a standards-based curriculum that utilizes the Holt Literature and Language Arts, First Course series. Students read a variety of literary genres, including prose and poetry along with the study of vocabulary. They also master the California standards in grammar and composition by engaging in creative and analytical writing, including expository, persuasive, and response to literature essay writing.

    Language Arts 8
    Language Arts 8 is a standards-based curriculum that utilizes the Holt Literature and Language Arts, Second Course series. Students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, practice analytical and persuasive essay writing, expand their knowledge of proper spelling, grammar and conventions, and develop their listening and speaking skills. Students also participate in Council, a weekly speaking and listening small group activity.

    English Language Development (ELD)
    English Language Development Services are available for all limited English proficient students. The course is designed to assist students who are learning to speak, write and read English. Students receive assistance with work and are taught language skills to help them succeed in general education classes. This class accommodates English language learners. Students are tested upon entering Malibu High School, and those rated levels 1-3 are seen daily for English Language Development. Those students rated levels 4-5 are mainstreamed into regular classes and monitored by the ELD teacher. PREREQUISITE: CELDT Testing