• Malibu Middle School Summer Reading

    Summer, 2023

    Dear Incoming MMS Students and Parents,

    We hope you have a wonderful summer full of fun and reading!

    These are the guidelines for our MMS summer reading program:

    • Watch this video that explains our summer reading expectations.

      Read over the list of recommended books and choose a book from the list or another book that you have never read before and that is at your reading level. (add link to recommended books)

    • Check out a book from SORA (the online, free library), your local library, or find a book from your bookshelf.

    • During the first week of school, be prepared to write a brief summary of your book (5-8 sentences) and a brief evaluation/recommendation of your book (5-8 sentences.)  More details about this assignment will be provided by your teacher when school starts.

    While we expect all students to read at least one book over the summer, we hope that you will read many more!

    We wish you a happy summer and look forward to seeing you in August!


    Mrs. Jones, Mr. Lambert, and Mrs. Lapajne