Message to Students

Hi Will Rogers Students! I hope you haven't forgotten me! This is your principal, Mr. Bourke. We all really miss you and hope that you are doing well at home. We can’t wait to be back in school again! My fingers are crossed that we can return to Rogers as soon as possible.

I’m sending you this message today because this week is Staff Appreciation Week. Every year at this time, we celebrate all the staff who work in schools. This includes your teachers, your instructional assistants, the coaches, the lunchroom staff, Mr. Sea, Ms. Barron, the office ladies, and  ALL the people who come to school everyday to work with you. Since we can’t thank them in person, I am asking that all students PLEASE send your teachers something to show them how much you appreciate them. You can send them an email or record a message on SeeSaw. Some students are video recording them saying something. You can even just email them a picture of you. Please feel free to send a message to any staff member you want. I know they will really appreciate it. They miss you, your laughter, and your smiling faces. 

Plus, everyone is working SO hard right now. You just can’t see it because we’re all at home.

Thank you everyone! Please help make this a great week for the Rogers staff. Take good care. Bye

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