Vision and Mission of Will Rogers Learning Community

  • Vision:

    To inspire, educate, and value all learners.

    Mission Statement:

    We engage in inquiry-based learning that is trans-disciplinary, concept-driven and

    culturally responsive.

    Guiding Beliefs & Principles:

    As a community, we:

    • know that all children can think, inquire and gain knowledge;
    • believe that the balance between social development and academic development is essential;
    • create a caring, open-minded environment in which students, parents, and staff members feel valued;
    • design rigorous learning experiences that meet students' diverse needs and help them reflect and grow;
    • provide learning opportunities for students, parents, and teachers that encourage them to be risk-takers, lifelong learners and principled agents of change;
    • collaborate and communicate with the community to support student success.