The Regenerative Farm

  • Will Rogers Learning Communuity boasts one of the very first working regenerative farms on a school campus in the Los Angeles area. It will serve as a learning hub for the Will Rogers community, as well as a local food hub for the greater Santa Monica community.

    Regenerative Agriculture represents the future of sustainable agriculture - a system of agriculture that works to sequester carbon, build biodiversity, and create resistance in the face of ongoing drought and other natural disasters. Some of the specific practices we will incorporate include cover crops, tree intercropping, compost (created from food scraps from the school), and the planting of drought-tolerant pollinator flowers. 

    With this initiative, Will Rogers will pioneer a holistic approach to education where children can fully engage in mathematics, biology, science, and other subjects through first-hand experience working on the farm.

Students on the Farm
  • Farm Plan

    Rogers Regenerative Farm