Franklin School Code of Conduct

  • Franklin Elementary School's Code of Conduct is based on the following set of shared values. These values are supported by our high academic expectations, which encourage industry and persistence. Our fair and consistently enforced standards of behavior give our children goals to aim for and opportunities to show good character. All members of the Franklin learning community aim to train the hearts and minds of children toward the good. They help students to put values into action on a routine basis in order to acquire the habits that make for thoughtful, productive and exemplary lives.

    Our values and focus words are:
    Personal Best
    Cooperation Focus
    Best Effort
    Quality Work
    Positive Attitude



    As a SAFE SCHOOL, we are committed to ensuring a caring community for learning in a safe environment. Therefore, at Franklin Elementary School we will adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. We will be respectful of differences of all types – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. We will choose our words and actions to help, not hurt others. We will work to keep our school free of verbal and non-verbal put-downs, with regard to the following:

    • Academic progress
    • Age
    • Appearance/body image/mannerisms
    • Athletic ability
    • Belief systems
    • Cultural, ethnic and/or racial background
    • Family background and composition
    • Friendships
    • Languages
    • Learning stles
    • Physical challenges
    • Sexual harassment of any type, including gender stereotypes and homophobic taunts.

    2. We will use school-appropriate language.

    3. We will not tolerate physical abuse, taunts, threats or bullying.

    As a SAFE SCHOOL we will accept responsibility for our words and actions without excuses.

    By following these rules, our students make Franklin Elementary School the best possible place for themselves and their peers. One of the ways students receive positive recognition is by receiving a Yellow Slip. Students receiving a yellow slip may be chosen at random to be recognized as student of the week.

    Each year the Student Committee creates a design illustrating all the values. This design is printed on the back of the Values T-shirts that are issued in a different color for each grade level. New Values T-shirts are available for purchase at the start of each school year. Students are expected to wear their shirts on designated spirit days and field trips.