Franklin School Daily Basic Information

  • Clothing:
    Clothing unsafe and not allowed: Thin strapped tank top shirts, open mid-drifts, and short shorts are inappropriate and not allowed. Clothing with inappropriate language, symbols or references is not allowed at school. Shorts are recommended under skirts or dresses. Appropriate hats and sunglasses are permitted, no novelty items. Only closed toed, rubber soled shoes are allowed at school.

    Rolling backpacks are beneficial as they ease the strain on our children's backs. However, rolling of backpacks are not allowed in the classroom or on the stairwells (please carry), and backpacks must fit on the back of the child's chair.

    All medication, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, must be kept at the nurse's office. Medication forms completed by parents and the doctor must be on file with the nurse.

    Toys/Items brought from home:
    Toy guns, toy knives or any other look-alike weapons, electronic games, toys, trading cards, yo-yos, sports balls, etc. are not allowed at school.

    Cell phones/Pagers:
    Cell phones and pagers may not be used on campus during school hours by parents, staff, students, volunteers or visitors.

    Weapons of any kind are prohibited. Action will be taken for possession or use of weapons according to the SMMUSD Policy, which includes police notification and suspension.

    Visitor Badges:
    We must know who is on campus at all times. All visitors (including volunteers) are required to sign in at the school office as soon as they enter school premises and sign out upon exiting. "Visitor" stickers are available next to the sign-in book and must be worn and clearly visible.

    Emergency Cards:
    Every child must have two completed emergency cards on file: one for the main office, the other for the school nurse's office. Contact names and numbers, persons to whom we can release your child, medication information, and your current home address must be kept up-to-date.

    Nutrition – Snack and Lunchtime
    Snack time at Recess and Lunch: Children are provided a mid-morning and a lunch recess. If your child requires a mid-morning snack, please pack appropriate, nutritious foods. Candy, chips, dessert items and soft drinks are not allowed. No glass containers are allowed. Sharing or trading food will not be permitted.

    Lunch Tickets
    Lunch tickets may be purchased from the school office during regular school hours. Each ticket purchases 20 lunches and may be used on any given day throughout the school year. Checks for lunch tickets should be made payable to SMMUSD in the amount of $50.00. Please write your child's name, teacher's name and room number on your check and place it in the box at the front office. Individual lunches may be purchased directly from the cafeteria cashier for $3.00 in cash (no checks) at lunchtime.

    School Lunch Choices
    Franklin offers SMMUSD pre-set meals. They are described on a calendar menu provided monthly and sent home in the Monday packet. As an option, children from 1st-5th grade may choose their own meal from SMMUSD's Farmer's Market Fresh Fruit and Salad Bar. Students may of course bring lunches.

    Lost and Found
    Clearly mark all items (lunch boxes, instruments and backpacks) and all clothing (sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts) with the student's first initial and last name, teacher's name and room number.
    Retrieve lost items in the "Lost and Found" area. This area can be found in the main hall. Unclaimed items are donated periodically; advance notice is in The Almanack.
    Custodians and office staff will not unlock classroom doors if items are left in the classroom. These items must be retrieved the following school day.

    Homework is intended to be a constructive tool in the teaching-learning process. Its value depends on the students' active involvement in the work and the cooperation and support of the parents. Homework may vary due to teacher discretion. SMMUSD provides general guidelines for homework at each grade level.
    Kindergarten: Homework promotes a positive interaction between parent and child for 10 minutes/day. Grades 1 – 5: Homework may be given Monday through Thursday. Weekends and holidays are primarily reserved for family time. Students may elect to use the weekends to review materials, make up work, complete projects, and enjoy recreational reading. Parents need to provide an appropriate time and setting for students to complete their assignments. If a child is consistently unable to complete the assigned work in the maximum number of minutes allowed, parents should contact the teacher.

    Time allocated:
    Grade 1 20 minutes/day
    Grade 2 30 minutes/day
    Grade 3 40 minutes/day
    Grade 4 50 minutes/day
    Grade 5 60 minutes/day


    • Birthdays
      The importance of birthdays is acknowledged; however, we do not hold birthday parties during the school day. Please ask your child's teacher how he/she observes birthdays. Some parents choose to donate a book to the classroom or Franklin library in the child's name. No party invitations are distributed at school.
    • Carnival
      Franklin's annual Halloween Carnival is held in October from 10 AM to 4 PM. Join us for one of PTA's biggest fundraisers featuring fun rides, games, prizes, teacher treats, a raffle, lots of food, scrumptious desserts, and a cake decorating contest. This event is open to the community.
    • Classroom Events and Festivities
      Teachers are grateful for the assistance of PTA's Room Parents who help to coordinate events and festivities throughout the year in their children's classrooms. Each class is allowed two parties a year. All food must be store bought and packaged.
    • Family Fun events
      Throughout the year the entire family is invited to attend these PTA events designed for you to ENJOY yourselves. Some past events have included picnics, magic shows, music and dancing.
    • Fifth Grade Culmination
      This end of the year festivity celebrates our Franklin 5th graders' successful culmination.
    • Franklin Care Corps
      Supervised board games and yard play during lunch recess.
    • Gifted and Talented Education Program, or GATE
      A differentiated curriculum is provided within the classroom and offered to GATE identified and high achieving students throughout the school day.
    • Homework Club and Technology Club
      These clubs are regularly scheduled and start in the fall. They are offered on designated days after school to provide our students assistance with homework and school projects.
    • Instrumental Music (4th and 5th graders)
      A program beginning in the fall and offered for beginners and advanced musicians to play within an orchestra or band setting. Classes are scheduled during the school day.
    • Reflections
      A nationwide fine arts PTA contest open to all students, judged on local to national levels, is held in the fall. Children submit writing, artwork, music and/or photography responsive to the designated theme.
    • Science Fair
      The Fair is held early in the calendar year. Students may enter and display their original science collections, inventions and experiments, and scientists provide comments for every display. Recognition for accomplishment is given to all.
    • District Services All Children:
      ESL, health, speech, psychologist and resource specialists The district offers a variety of services to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed in school. Our school nurse provides routine health, vision and hearing screenings in addition to addressing daily health and first aid needs. Our staff also includes a speech pathologist and a school psychologist who provide assessment and services for students with identified special needs. Our resource specialists work with students who qualify for academic assistance. Additional services are provided by staff from the SMMUSD as needs are identified. If you have questions about special education, please contact the principal, the assistant principal or the resource specialist.
    • Student Committee (3rd, 4th and 5th graders)
    • A group of students elected by their peers, give input and make a variety of decisions about Franklin.