Arrival and Dismissal

  • All students are to enter and exit via the school's main entrance on 14th Street. Parents, please adhere to Santa Monica Municipal Code § 133372: "No stopping, no parking, no standing in a red zone." This violation carries a $45.00 fine even if you are in your vehicle and, more importantly, it is dangerous for our students crossing in the crosswalk.

    The crossing guards are trained to stop traffic and to cross our children. Please do not coax your child, with a horn honk or a yell, to cross the street at any point. Teach your child to be safe and to follow the crossing guard's directions.

    14th Street is a busy thoroughfare with a limited drop-off area. Please do not double park, do not pull into the teachers' parking area or allow your children to enter through the parking lot, and do not park in the bus zone. If you must drive, limited parking is available on the west sides of 14th and 16th Streets.

    Do not send your children to school before 8:10 a.m., Monday through Thursday or before 9:30 a.m. on Friday. There is no supervision before this time.