Franklin School Emergency Procedures

  • Parents are advised to remain calm and to follow these emergency disaster procedures:

    1. Tune to emergency radio stations: KFWB (AM 980) or KNX (AM 1070).
    2. Stay off the telephone. Communicating with the school via telephone after the disaster will prove difficult and could delay emergency communications.
    3. After an emergency, students will be escorted to an emergency assembly area, located on the playground.
    4. When arriving at school, parents or other designated adults should report to the REUNION GATES. These gates are located at the south end of school on Idaho Street. All other gates will be locked.
    5. The Principal, Assistant Principal and parent communication team will be available near the REUNION GATES to assist parents.
    6. No child will be dismissed from the emergency assembly area without the authorization of a parent, Principal or designee.
    7. Parents or guardians are to wait at the Idaho Gates until child(ren) are escorted to the parent by adult runners. Photo I.D. will be required. Parent or guardian must sign-out each child and give destination.
    8. If Parent/guardian/designee is unable to pick up child(ren) following the emergency disaster, students will REMAIN AT SCHOOL under the supervision of school staff until their arrival.
    9. Parents will receive updates on the condition of the school site/classrooms by the Principal and/or member of the communication team (see below).

    Emergency Phone Tree
    Information will be disseminated in the following order from the first on the list to the last:

    1. Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
    2. Franklin Elementary School Principal
    3. Franklin Elementary School Assistant Principal
    4. Franklin PTA President
    5. Franklin PTA Executive Vice President
    6. Room Parent Chairperson/s
    7. Room Parent Committee Members
    8. Room Parent Coordinator in each classroom
    9. Other Room Parents in each classroom
    10. All parents in each classroom