Glossary of Terms

  • ABSENT... When a child cannot attend school for the day. There are excused and unexcused absences according to Education Code. A note and/or phone call explaining why your child could not attend school is necessary.

    AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT... Grant offers before and after school enrichment classes during the school year. Primary and Upper Chorus and other special enrichment classes will be offered throughout the school year.

    ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN... An opportunity to contribute to Grant School through regular or one-time cash donations. All money supports personnel, programs, materials, and all students at Grant school.

    AWARDS ASSEMBLY... Six times a year, Grant School recognizes students in the areas of character. Parents are notified if their child is to receive an award. This program promotes positive behavior, achievement and effort in school.

    BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT... Please check the District calendar for specific dates. Parents will have the opportunity to meet their children’s teachers in the evening and learn about the expectations and activities for the school year.

    CAMPUS SUPERVISORS... Paid playground supervisors and PE coaches help monitor lunchtime activities.

    CAUGHT BEING GOOD... This is a program that recognizes good deeds and behaviors by our students. When “caught” students are given a “Caught Being Good” gold slip. They turn these into their teacher or the office. At each Awards Assembly, a number of slips are picked that allow students to win some terrific prizes.

    COMMUNITY BILINGUAL LIAISON... Grant provides a community liaison to work with families. She attends meetings, translates all newsletters, and meets with parents throughout the school year. She is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday mornings.

    DAY CARE PROGRAMS... There are two separate child care programs open to all K-5 Grant students for before and after school care. Qualified teachers work with your children. The hours are 7 AM to 6 PM. Space is limited and a fee is charged.

    ENGLISH LANGUAGE ADVISORY COUNCIL (ELAC)... A parent group made up of Spanish-speaking families at Grant School. ELAC meets the first Wednesday of every month, at 8:30 a.m. or 6:00 p.m., helps with fundraisers, academics, parent involvement and special events.

    FIFTH GRADE CELEBRATION... This is the culmination ceremony for our fifth grade students. It is held during the last week of the school year. Please check the District calendar for specific date.

    GAZETTE.. A weekly newspaper that is emailed home on Fridays with information about upcoming events.

    GRANT SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL (GSSC)... This organization is made up of four elected parents, three teachers, a classified employee, and principal. The Grant School Site Council helps develop a school plan, goals, and oversees a portion of the school budget.

    GRANT GECKO... The adorable mascot of Grant School. You’ll see its image on T-shirts, caps, assignment books, the school marquees and school stationery.

    INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC AND CHORUS... All fourth and fifth graders participate in the school’s instrumental music or chorus program. String and Wind instruments are available. Certificated music teachers work with the young musicians.

    JOGATHON... A springtime fund-raiser has our students running laps and raising money. Students are eligible for some great prizes.

    KINDERGARTEN ROUNDUP... The first day (usually in February) for prospective kindergarten parents to register their children for the next school year. Please check the District calendar for specific date.

    LATE START FRIDAYS... Beginning the first full week of school, school will begin at 9:44 a.m. every Friday throughout the year in order to give staff the time to meet, learn new educational strategies, establish clear expectations, and develop outstanding educational programs for every child.

    LOCAL HOLIDAY... Holidays that our School Board has adopted resulting in no school.

    MINIMUM DAY... Kindergartners go to school from 8:24-12:15 am, and all students in grades 1-5, are dismissed at 1:15 PM. Please check the District calendar for specific date.

    OPEN HOUSE... In the Spring, Grant School will become a showcase for the year’s hard work by students and teachers, as children, parents and community members are invited to see what makes Grant a special place to learn.

    OUTDOOR EDUCATION SCIENCE SCHOOL... Our fifth graders spend a week at Pali Institute in the San Bernadino Mountains. This is a science and environmental camp.

    PARENT CONFERENCES... In the beginning of November, parents and teachers meet to discuss the progress of each child. Conferences are scheduled in advance and parents are given opportunities to schedule times that are convenient. Please check the District calendar for specific date.

    PTA... The PTA is the oldest parent organization in the state of California. All Grant parents are encouraged to join. PTA focuses on the educational programs in the school. PTA informs parents about current legislation and other critical issues as well as raises money for the school. All funds go to help pay for technology, classroom materials, teacher grants, field trips, and much more.

    RAINY DAY SCHEDULE... A time when there is a special lunch/recess schedule for rainy days.

    REFLECTIONS... The PTA sponsored Reflections Art Contest encourages our students to participate in the arts. Music, Literature, Art and Photography are the categories in which students may participate.

    SCIENCE EXPO... TK-5 science projects and student inventions are on display at school together with other exciting science opportunities.

    STUDENT ATTENDANCE AND REVIEW BOARD (SARB)... Any student who has accumulated an inordinate amount of unexcused tardies and/or absences may be sent a letter stating that further unacceptable tardies or absences will result in having to attend a hearing ascertaining the reasons for the attendance problem. The District Attorney may become involved.

    TARDY... The act of being late to school. All students arriving late must report to the office before entering class. 3 unexcused tardies count as one truancy. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children arrive on time.