The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Grant School

    1. How can I be assured the children are safe at school?
      This is an extremely important question. First of all, our entire staff is trained to help children in any emergency. We have paid campus supervisors on the kindergarten yard, cafeteria and playground at lunch. Teachers stand duty before school and during recess. The entire school participates in various disaster drills, including fire, earthquake, and lockdown drills each month. All parent volunteers are required to sign in at the office and wear either a volunteer badge or a visitor pass. We have a school nurse and a health office specialist that are trained to work with the children if they are injured or sick. The campus is secured at 8:30 a.m. by locking the gates in the back of the school and only allowing access through the Pearl Street (front of the school) entrance. Our courtyard keeps children inside the school and not exposed to Pearl Street traffic.

    2. What is the school bell schedule?
      School begins at 8:30 a.m. for students in grades TK-5.  TK & K dismissal is 1:45 p.m. First through third grades are dismissed at 2:50 p.m.  Fourth and fifth grades are dismissed at 2:55 p.m. Late Start Fridays will begin the second day of school (school begins at 9:45 a.m.) Pre-K hours are 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

    3. How much does a lunch cost and how do you go about buying a ticket if needed?
      A child has the option to bring a lunch from home or purchasing a hot lunch or salad bar for $3.75 a day. Parents may pay for lunches in the office with cash or check; please place your child’s name and room number on the check. Milk and juice are $.50 each. Parents may also pay on-line for a slight fee at (put link to School Lunch Box here). A lunch card will be issued to all students. Students who eat in the cafeteria will use their card, which will automatically deduct the cost of a lunch every time it is used. A child may use the card three times without having any money credited to it. The office will send a reminder letter to parents when there are three lunches left on the card. If you feel that your child may qualify for a free or reduced lunch, please visit the office and fill out an application.

    4. How early can I drop my child off for school?
      The earliest a child will be allowed on campus is if that child is enrolled in the childcare program (CREST or SAP), is 7:00 am. Otherwise, all K-5 students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:00 am, on the “big” yard. Adult supervision begins at this time. On Late Start Fridays, the campus is open at 9:00am

    5. How do I notify the school when my child is absent and do tardies count?
      If your child is going to be absent on a school day, please call the school office to report the absence. To report an absence on the phone you dial 310.450.7651 and follow the prompts to report an absence. Upon returning to school please send a note with your child describing the reason for the absence. We also record tardies. Being on time is very important to the success of a student. Three tardies constitute one unexcused absence.

    6. Do you have after school programs?
      Absolutely! We have a comprehensive childcare program for grades K-5. Students must be enrolled and childcare is provided from 7:00 a.m. until 6 p.m. Students in K-3 participate in the School Age Program (SAP) offering a number of activities, classes and sports. Children in 4th and 5th grades can participate in the Upper CREST program. Both programs have a number of price and scheduling options and are limited in space. If you have questions about SAP, please contact the Child Development Center at 310-399-5865. Questions about CREST, contact them at 310-458-8540. Beginning in late September, the Grant Homework Club for grades 1-5 will be operated through CREST after school on Monday through Thursday. The PTA also offers a comprehensive after school enrichment program for all grades. In addition, CREST offers Playground Access, which is a free program for grades 1-5 (parents must enroll) that allows kids to stay on the yard for a limited time.

    7. When will I know what class my child will be in?
      All kindergarten students will be introduced to their teachers at the Kindergarten Reception, held two days before school starts, beginning at 5 p.m.  Families will be emailed in August with information about their students' teacher.

    8. When is the first day of school?
      Please check the District calendar. The first day of school is a minimum day for all students. TK and K will be from 8:24-12:15, and 1st-5th grades from 8:24-1:15 p.m. Pre-School hours are 8:30am to 12:30pm on the first day.

    9. Do you provide counseling services for the children of Grant?
      Yes. We work with our school psychologist and community agencies to provide one on one and group counseling for our students. They also are available for family counseling and parent workshops. We also have a counselor from the Department of Mental Health work with our students.

    10. I'd like to help my child's teacher, but I work during the day, what can I do?
      This is a critical question. Working parents can do a great deal to help their children's teacher. Perhaps there are art projects to prep for that can be taken home. Helping make phone calls would alleviate a lot of time if the classroom parents need to know something. Classroom teachers appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    11. How can I get more involved at Grant?
      From helping out in the classroom, to volunteering in the library or the Growing Great Gardens Project, you can do a great deal. Of course we need help with our fundraisers - Direct Donation, Fall Carnival, Silent Auction, and the Jogathon. We need more support on the PTA. If you can accompany your child’s class on a field trip, become a guest speaker at Career Day or volunteer, it would make a big difference. Getting involved in the school is probably the best way of keeping informed and understanding how your child is doing. There is a District volunteer policy - you must attend a volunteer training, fill out some forms, be fingerprinted and have a TB assessment done. Please contact the office for more information.

    12. I'd like to help the PTA financially, what do I need to do?
      A direct donation to the PTA will help buy more supplies, purchase computers, and help pay for assemblies, field trips, P.E. equipment and scholarships for students who need the help.

    13. What are “Late Start Fridays” all about?
      Beginning the first full week of school, the entire school will begin Late Start Fridays. School will begin at 9:44 a.m., each Friday. The late start will allow the staff to meet on a regular basis for staff development opportunities, grade level and cross grade level articulation meetings, individual and team planning, and office staff meetings. Childcare services will be extended in the mornings at no additional cost for those enrolled in CREST or SAP. Playground supervision will be provided beginning at 8:30 a.m.

    14. What makes Grant unique?
      100+ years of excellence! The quality of the teaching, the special programs offered our students, instrumental music, our library/media center, SmartBoard technology in all 2nd-5th-grade classes, a very involved PTA, and of course, the students, all make Grant very special. We have found a way to work together to effect change. We are truly a community school that includes all students, all parents and the surrounding community in the educational process. We are a school that cares about its most important product, the children. We are a school that is growing both physically and educationally. Grant is a school that is inclusive and dynamic.

    15. If I have a question for my child’s teacher, how do I get in touch with him/her?
      Every teacher has both email (found on the Grant website) and voice mail. You can leave a phone message for a teacher by calling the school number (310-450-7651), and then giving the extension number (63 + 1 +the room number) If you call during the school day you will speak to office personnel who can transfer you to the voice mail of your child’s teacher. We do not interrupt learning by calling teacher directly during the day. You also can always write a note and we’ll put it in the teacher’s mailbox unless you prefer your child hand delivers the note to his/her teacher.

    16. What do I do if my child has forgotten something?
      If your child forgets their lunch or some homework, you are welcome to bring it to the office. We will put it in our OOPS I FORGOT box; we leave a message on the teacher’s voice mail and send them an email. The student can always come see if what they need is in the box.

    17. What other information can you give me?
      Here are some important numbers and addresses:
      . School phone number - 310.450.7651 (to speak to someone, leave a message, or report an absence)
      . School fax number - 310.452.4350
      . Grant Website -
      . School Address - 2368 Pearl Street Santa Monica, CA 90405
      . Office Hours - 8:00-4:00 Daily