Disciplinary Issues and Procedures

  • Student behavior and minor disciplinary concerns are the responsibility of the classroom teacher. Most behavior and disciplinary challenges may be resolved through strong, positive classroom management and positive reinforcement. At Grant Elementary, the referral system is used when the following occurs:

    • Excessive tardiness or absence (more than 3 unexcused)
    • Bullying, teasing/name calling
    • Dishonesty/Cheating
    • Inappropriate language
    • Disrespect to adults
    • Disrespect to property
    • Physical, inappropriate, agressive behavior
    • Fighting

    Grounds for Suspension*

    • Caused or attempted to cause physical injury to another person
    • Weapons and dangerous instruments
    • Tobacco, alcohol, drug possession
    • Damage to school or private property
    • Stealing
    • Disrupted school activities or willfully defied school authority
    • Physical, inappropriate, agressive behavior
    • Sexual harassment

    *Administrator will determine suspension.