Rules about Independent Study

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•  The parent must request IS from the teacher at least 2 weeks before the absences.
•  It is completely at the school’s discretion as to whether or not to approve an IS request.
•  If the teacher/school approves the IS, the parent must pick up an IS Contract/Agreement Form from the office, complete it, and submit it to the teacher at least 1 week before the start of the absences.
•  Assigned IS work is due to the teacher by 8:30am the day of the student’s return to school. If the work is not turned in at this time, the IS Contract/Agreement will be deemed void, and the absences will be considered “unexcused.”
•  If the work is not completed in its entirety, then the student will not receive full credit for the days missed. (Example: If a student only completed 2 days of work, the rest of the IS days will be considered “unexcused absences.”)