Webster Elementary School-Dress Code

  • The purpose of the WEBSTER dress code is to support a safe learning environment.

    • Clothing may not disrupt the learning environment.
    • No clothing, jewelry, accessories etc. will be allowed which defames, degrades, or offends a culture, religion, or gender, or that depicts, in any form, profanity, violence, drugs, or alcohol.
    • Students should wear clothing that is appropriate for school and allows students to safely participate in playground and P.E. activities.
    • Acceptable length for dresses, shorts, skorts, and skirts is mid-thigh (at fingertips) or longer. Spaghetti straps, bare mid-drifts, or overly baggy clothing are not appropriate at school.
    • For safety reasons, all shoes must be enclosed all around (heel, toe, and sides). Flip flops, house slippers, or sandals are not permitted. Shoes with retractable wheels and motorized items are not allowed on school grounds at any time.
    • Students without safe shoes will be asked to phone home for appropriate shoes to be brought to school.
    • No makeup allowed except for Halloween and school-established performances.

    *Students not dressed appropriately may be provided with loaner clothing or we will request parents to bring more appropriate clothing.