Physical Education

  • The physical education curriculum is designed to provide an environment that challenges all students to work to their potential. Students need the opportunity to learn skills without intimidation and to experience the joy and exhilaration of physical activity. This philosophy drives our program and it is the hope that all students learn to enjoy movement, become fit, and value positive living. The following is a list of activities students will be exposed to while attending Lincoln Middle School.

    6th Grade:
    Focus on psycho-motor development and interpersonal skills
    . Project adventure
    . Juggling
    . Circus Tricks
    . Tininkling
    . Toss, Catch, Throw
    . Dance
    . Jump Rope
    . Running and Tag Games
    . Fitness Training
    . Stomp
    . Yoga

    7th Grade:
    . Focus on individual sports & meeting challenges & making decisions
    . Spin and Rebound
    . Gladiator/Medieval Games
    . Innovative Track and Field
    . Project Adventure
    . Paddle Tennis
    . Fitness Lab
    . Fitness Gram
    . Run/Relays
    . Ultimate Frisbee
    . Self–Defense

    8th Grade:
    Focus on team sports & working as a team to solve problems.
    . Basketball
    . Football
    . Soccer
    . Hockey . Team Handball
    . Volleyball
    . Fitness Training
    . Project Adventure
    . Dance
    . Bleach Ball

    Success for All Students
    Our program’s focus on the whole person is achieved by focusing on three areas that are equally important.

    1. Movement Skills and Movement Knowledge
    2. Self-Image and Personal Development
    3. Social Development