School Mascot, Song & Cheer

  • Designing Our New MascotMES Sea Lion Mascot

    When we bagan the process of designing a new mascot for Malibu Elementary, our School Site Council (SSC) set out specific criteria:
    . The mascot must be native to our area and survive in our local marine biome.
    . The mascot must be novel and not previously used at Cabrillo or Point Dume.

    Once the SSC collected input from students, staff, and MES parents, they made their final selection. We're happy to announce the Sea Lion as the mascot for MES!

    Malibu Elementary's School Song

    Soprano, Piano (PDF)

    Song Lead Sheet (PDF)

    Song Without Voice (MP3)

    Song With Voice (MP3)

    Malibu Elementary's School Cheer

    MAL - "MAL"
    IBU - "IBU"
    Malibu, Malibu
    We Love You!
    Go, Sea Lions!