PTSA Officers

  • Malibu Middle and High School PTSA

    2022-23 PTSA Executive Board

    These are the volunteer parents who establish the focus and lead the efforts of the PTSA for the year.  If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the PTSA Executive Board, please email

    President: Karin Al-Hardan
    Executive Vice President: Lara Godbille
    1st VP: Membership & Communications: Kelly Pessis
    2nd VP: Health & Safety: Inely Cesna
    3rd VP: Programs: Josie Kletter
    4th VP: Hospitality: Wendy Nickerson

    Recording Secretary: Isabelle Morganthaier
    Treasurer: Kelly Kincaid
    Financial Secretary: Stacey Harper
    Auditor: Lena Jemelian
    Historian: Elissa Marshall

    High School Principal: Patrick Miller
    Teacher Representative/Middle School Representation: Melisa Andino