Sharing Homework Concerns

  • Teachers and parents shall communicate with each other at the earliest possible opportunity once the student has demonstrated consistent inability to complete homework and discuss possible solutions.

    Children who demonstrate quality effort and spend sufficient time attempting to complete homework should be stopped when a parent observes that continuing is detrimental to the child’s well-being. In such cases, parents should note the amount of time spent on the assignment and sign the paper.

    If a child is consistently unable to complete assigned work, the parent should contact the teacher first for support and accommodations as necessary. Teachers should also contact parents if a child consistently is unable to complete the assigned work.

    Homework Tips

    • Record homework in the same location each day. Use the Binder Reminder.
    • Ask clarifying questions to be sure the expectations on your assignments are clear.
    • Know, record and monitor due dates.
    • Have a quiet space with basic materials for homework completion.
    • Make homework part of your daily after school routine.
    • Take a break when tired; then resume work.
    • When you have questions about the homework, place a note next to it and ask the teacher the next day.
    • Respect that appropriate rest and physical activity are important for one’s overall well-being.


    Makeup Homework

    If you anticipate your child being out sick for an extended period of time, not more than 5 days, then contact your child’s teachers directly. Anything over 5 days should be directed to the Counseling Office.

    Students who miss school work because of an excused absence shall be given the opportunity to complete all assignments and tests that can be reasonably provided. As determined by the teacher, the assignments and tests shall be reasonably equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, the assignments and tests missed during the absence. Students shall receive full credit for work satisfactorily completed within a reasonable period of time.

    Students who miss school work because of unexcused absences may be given the opportunity to make up missed work for full or reduced credit. Teachers shall assign such make up work as necessary to ensure academic progress, not as a punitive measure.

    Students suspended from school shall be given assignments to complete. The teacher of any class from which a student is suspended may require the student to complete tests missed during the suspension.