Samohi Discovery Building Nearly Complete

Posted by Kelcey Davis on 4/30/2021 7:00:00 AM

The Samohi Discovery Building is nearing completion, finishing final touches on the exterior, courtyard walls, elevator installation, and the pool.

Recent accomplishments include:

  • Both internal elevators are now being used for construction and the man-lift removed
  • The kitchen interior is complete, with the exception of the ceilings and lights  
  • The underground utilities on the west side have been installed, including the final water connection
  • Most of the paving on the south side of the building has been completed
  • Work on the courtyard paving and the hardscape on the east side of the building is progressing on schedule

Exterior of Samohi Discovery Building


Business Building Repurpose

This is several projects in 1 to enable the development of the next phase of the campus plan:

  • Business building 1st Floor repurpose to create spaces for the pilot Programs that will move into Exploration when it’s ready in 2023.  
  • Business building 2nd Floor repurpose to create spaces for some of the Art program, to allow for the demo of Art building.  
  • Conversion of the existing Book Distribution in Admin into an Art Gallery.  
  • Installing a new transformer into English to provide power to buildings, once the transformer in History is removed.