2020-21 8th Grade Promotion & Activities

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    Dear Eighth Grade Families,

    Congratulations! Three years have flown by and your child is almost off to high school. This letter contains important information about the special activities and events that have been planned as a culmination of your child's eighth grade year. Eligibility requirements, as well as specific dates, times, and proper attire for each event, are outlined below. Students who have been on Distance Learning are encouraged to attend all 8th grade events. You must meet the screening requirements to come on to campus. If you have traveled outside of the state, you must have quarantined for the appropriate amount of time. Please contact our school nurse, Jackie Mejia, at jmejia@smmusd.org if you have any questions about quarantine timelines.

    Eligibility for the Promotion Ceremony

    Students must pass their classes. Students who fail three semester courses (first and second semester combined) may not be able to participate in the Promotion Ceremony. Final deadline for grade verification will be Friday, June 4th.

    All debts owed to the school must be cleared (overdue library books, lost/damaged textbooks, physical education locks, outstanding fees, musical instrument repairs, and/or borrowed materials) by 3:00 pm on Thursday, May 27th. Chromebooks must be returned by 3:00 pm on Wednesday, June 9th. For debts, we accept money orders, cash, or online payment with credit or debit card FOR TECH ONLY. If paying online, please email the librarian Amy Di Dario a screenshot of your receipt so she can clear your fine.

    End-of-the Year 8th Grade Activities

    Wednesday, June 9th: 8th Grade Yearbook Signing w/ DJ and Treats (Lunch- 2:30 pm dismissal)

    • During Homebase, students will receive their yearbook if they pre-ordered and did not have it shipped to their house. If you had it shipped to your home, make sure you bring it with you to school. A limited number of 2020-21 yearbooks will be available for sale during Yearbook Signing for $55 cash. There will also be a limited number of 2019-20 yearbooks on sale for $25 cash.
    • There will be a DJ spinning tunes and leading games.
    • ASB is providing lunch through a food truck and will also have shaved ice available.

    Thursday, June 10th (Minimum Day): 8th Grade Promotion Practice

    • Onyx Core students will meet in their Homebase classes at the beginning of school. Jade Core students will report to Period 1. Cores will then alternate rehearsals for their respective Promotion Ceremony. Please make sure your child wears sunscreen since we will be outside.
    • Period 1 & Period 3 (1st half) -- Onyx Core Practice while Jade Core attends Period 1 & 1st half of Period 3 classes.
    • Period 3 (2nd half) & Period 5 -- Jade Core Practice while Onyx core attends 2nd half of Period 3 and Period 5.
    • Each student can bring 3 guests to the ceremony. Chairs will be set up in quads 6 feet apart. The 8th graders will sit with their families. No tickets will be issued to limit contact. Students and their guests need to all enter together and will be checked off a list.
    • Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, there are no extra seats since we have to seat households together.

    Friday, June 11th: 8th Grade Promotion on LMS Field Enter campus on Washington & 15th

    9:30am = Onyx Core
    11:30am = Jade Core

    • Seating is assigned by households. Your child will learn the seating arrangement on rehearsal day. Your entire party needs to enter campus together. Each student can bring three guests. The student will sit with their family. We will need to keep a record of guests who are attending for contact tracing purposes. You will receive a google form to complete closer to the ceremony date to enter this information.
    • Balloons and such, that may block others view of the stage, are not permitted.
    • Please do not get up to take pictures during the ceremony. There will be a photographer, and a link will be shared with families after the ceremony. Pictures may be taken at the end of the ceremony on the field at the various photo op locations.
    • Promotion Attire: Our dress policy still applies! Students should be comfortable but not casual. Also, be mindful that we are going to be outside and the weather in Santa Monica changes frequently.

    • Proper attire: Dress shirts, nice pants, daytime dresses, skirts, ties, and blouses.
    • Inappropriate attire: Formal gowns, tuxedos, t-shirts, or shorts.

    Which Core is my child in? Students should know which core they are in by now. If they don't, they can find the name of their homebase teacher on the chart below to identify their core. Mr. Rowe has a cross-core homebase and will tell his students which ceremony they should attend.

    Grade 8 Table

    NOTE: Administration reserves the right to determine student ineligibility for events at any time. If you have any questions regarding events/activities, please contact Florence Culpepper, Principal. Questions regarding eligibility or school debts should be directed to your child's assistant principal: Ms. Andrew (A-L) or Ms. Keleher (M-Z).

    Jennifer Preuss, 8th Grade Counselor
    Gretchen McLaughlin, 8th Grade Coordinator
    Florence Culpepper Richardson, Principal