Eighth Grade Community Service Project

  • Dear Parent/Guardian,
    This year at John Adams Middle School your child will be participating in the 8th grade community service project.  Students will be given an opportunity to contribute a minimum of 12 hours to their community:  This can be done in the neighborhood, city, or school level. This service project is a school requirement in order for your son/daughter to participate in the end of the year promotion activities.

    We, the 8th grade teachers, counselors, and administrators, hope you, the parents, will get involved with this valuable project.  We feel that through volunteer community service, our students will become better “citizens of the community”  It is our experience that through these service learning projects students take a positive step towards becoming more compassionate, generous leaders of the community.

    Students can work on a variety of projects selected from a list of community agencies.  We ask that you approve of your child’s selection of a volunteer commitment and that you ensure it is indeed a safe and appropriate activity.  Please talk to the person who will supervise your child’s efforts, provide safe transportation, and monitor all aspects of your child’s volunteer work.

    Parent Letter (English)
    Parent Letter (Spanish)
    Community Service Contract (English)
    Community Service Contract (Spanish)
    Timeline (English)
    Timeline (Spanish)
    Time Sheet

    Families Give Back is a non-profit organization which finds community service opportunities for children and families on the Westside of Los Angeles.

    Click here for Volunteer Directory

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Advisory teacher.
    For questions in Spanish, see Ms. Gutierrez.
    Ms. Gutierrez – Community Liaison ngutierrez@smmusd.org

Community Service

  • Requirements
    The 12 hours have to be fulfilled during the school year. The 12 hours have to be done at one or two non-profit organizations, students may not split up hours among many different organizations.

    Community Service Award
    Students can start working over the summer to get a head start on the 50, 75 or 100 hours towards the Community Service Award.

    If students are working towards the Community Service award, they may split up the hours among different organizations. They will still need to fulfill the 12 hour requirements (meaning at the same place and during the school year), but those 12 hours count towards the 50, 75, or 100 hours.