Safety Rules

  • Safety Rules at Edison:

    We walk in the hallways at all times.

    We follow safety directives of staff.

    We only climb on play equipment.

    We close doors gently and do not slam them or play tug of war with doors.

    We remain on campus from the beginning until the end of the school day unless we are signed out through the office by a parent or adult on our emergency card.

    We only leave the classroom with our teacher’s permission to go in a timely fashion to a specific destination – where possible, we go with a buddy.

    Students never open gates to admit adults or to retrieve balls.

    At lunchtime, we remain in the cafeteria or courtyard until dismissed by a Noon Aide to go to the playground or use the south restrooms.

    At recess, we stay on the playground in an area being supervised by an adult. We don’t play in the hallways, behind buildings or other areas of the school.

    During recess, we use the restrooms closest to the playground.

    Only kindergarten children play in the K yard.

    If we need to go to the library or the office at recess, we let the adults on duty know where we are going.

    We don’t use any behavior that puts ourselves or others at risk or that damages property.

    If we see someone hurt or in trouble, we tell the adult on duty.

    For more safety rules consult your Parent Handbook.