Activities During School at Edison

  • During School Programs

    Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
    In SMMUSD, students are identified for Gifted and Talented Education beginning in the 4th grade. SMMUSD offers differentiated instruction in the classroom as the best way to provide an appropriately rigorous academic program for GATE students. Edison also provides internet-based academic programs in language arts (Spanish and English) and math to allow 4th and 5th grade students another opportunity to work at their own academic levels. Edison also offers its own version of an academic decathalon (Are You Smarter Than an Edison 5th Grader?). This program is open to any interested 4th or 5th grade student and meets afterschool to prepare for the quiz show each spring. Students work in diverse teams and study content standards from 4th and 5th grade in English and Spanish language arts, math, science and social studies.

    Theater Arts Program
    With support from P.S. Arts and the Vision for Student Success, all Edison students participate in a weekly theater arts program in Spanish. Class plays are presented for families at the end of the school year at each grade level.

    Choral Music Program
    Thanks to support from the Vision for Student Success, all students in Kindergarten, first and second grades have a weekly vocal music class taught in Spanish.

    District Music Program
    All students in third, fourth and fifth grades participate in the District Music Program. Third graders take a general music class once a week and 4th and 5th graders have instrumental or choral music classes twice a week.

    Young Storytellers Program
    Thanks to more than a decade of support from the Young Storytellers Foundation, Edison is privileged to offer a screenwriting program for 20 fifth graders each year. Students apply and are selected by lottery to work one on one with a professional writing mentor. Students’ work is then performed at the “Big Show” by professional actors.

    Students have access to technology in each classroom and the library, through a computer lab, seven mobile computer labs, and eight classroom computers (desktops in Kindergarten and laptops in all other grades) Each classroom at Edison is also equipped with a SmartBoard, document camera, and amplification system.

    To promote cross age tutoring and friendships, upper grade classes are paired with lower grade classes as buddies. Buddy classes meet together to do projects, read and have social studies.