For a Listing of Upcoming Board Meetings see page 6 of the table of contents

The Board of Education meeting of November 16, 2000

will be held in the Santa Monica City Council Chambers

1685 Main Street in Santa Monica

Meetings in Santa Monica are taped for rebroadcast

and played on cable channel 16 (CityTV) at 11:00 a.m.

on the Sunday following the Board meeting.

Meetings are rebroadcast in Malibu on Government Access

Channel 15 every Thursday at 2pm; every Saturday & Sunday at 8pm

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

Board of Education


NOVEMBER 16, 2000

A regular meeting of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education will be held on Thursday, November 16, 2000 in the Santa Monica City Council Chambers at 1685 Main Street in Santa Monica. Following the call to order at 5:00 p.m., the Board will move to Closed Session in the Board Room of the District's administrative offices, 1651 - 16th Street in Santa Monica for reasons listed in Section II, below. Upon completion of the Closed Session, the Board will reconvene in public session at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers (address noted above).


Persons wishing to address the Board of Education should submit the "request to address" card prior to discussion of the item.


A Roll Call

B Pledge of Allegiance



Conference with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, District Counsel and/or Negotiations Team regarding 2000-01 negotiations with the Santa Monica-Malibu Teachers Association (SMMCTA), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 660, and non-represented employees, pursuant to Section 54957.6 of the Brown Act

Public Employee Performance Evaluation/Superintendent, pursuant to Sections 54954.5 and 54957 of the Brown Act.


Teachers of the Year, School Sites and District


A.1 Approval of Minutes: October 5, 2000

October 19, 2000

October 30, 2000

November 2, 2000


Consent agenda items are considered routine, as agreed by the President, Vice-President and Superintendent, requiring no discussion, and are normally all approved at one time by the Board of Education. However, members of the Board of Education, staff, or the public may request an item be removed from the consent agenda for clarification and/or discussion. Consideration will occur during Section VIII.

Business and Finance

A.2 Award of Purchase Orders, FY 2000-2001 2-3

A.3 Approval of Gifts FY 2000/01 4-5

A.4 Conference and Travel Approval 6-10

A.5 Approval of Independent Contracts 11

A.6 Agreement with Los Angeles County Office of Education for Data Processing

Services 12

A.7 Approval of California Department of Education's Shape

California Grant Submission 13

A.8 Amend Date on Resolution 00-05 ("Proposed Sale, Lease or Exchange of

Property--Big Rock") Adopted on August 10, 2000 14

Proposition X / State Modernization

A.9 Acceptance of Liquidated Damages from Jacobs Engineering on

Behalf of Component Housing Systems 15-16

Curriculum and Instruction

A.9a Operating Agreement - Venice Family Clinic 17

General Functions


A.10 Certificated Personnel - Elections, Separations 18-21

A.11 Special Services Employees 22-24

A.12 Appointment of Mentors 25

A.13 Classified Personnel--Merit. 26-31

A.14 Classified Personnel--Non-Merit 32


Communications is an opportunity for the Board of Education to hear reports from school sites, the Superintendent, the Student Board member, the Santa Monica-Malibu Classroom Teachers Association (SMMCTA), the Service Employees International Union (Local 660-SEIU), PTA Council, District Advisory Committees, and the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation.

A. School Reports

B. Superintendent's Report

The Superintendent's report will include the following topics:

- Santa Monica Alternative School House - presentation

In the fall of 1997, the SMASH school community moved to a new campus with 50% new staff and a new principal. The year prior to the move, the community experienced a great deal of conflict and controversy. Thus, the new site and staff were the beginning of a rebuilding process. Work began that year on the definition and clarification of the school program. Each year the program and the school have been strengthened. The presentation to the board will highlight the various aspects of the school's alternative program.

- NCCJ Literature and Arts Program (Mark Benjamin, Peggy Harris)

During the 1999-00 school year, the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) sponsored its 40th annual Literature and Arts Program. As part of the program, NCCJ's Literature and Arts Committee undertook a number of activities to make this worthwhile endeavor even more meaningful for students of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. The result of one of these activities is a series of anthologies of student works, published in collaboration with the Distict. Copies of these anthologies will be presented to the District at the meeting and will ultimately be housed in the libraries of various school sites.

- Presentation of League of Women Voters of Santa Monica Essay Contest Winners - 8th and 11th grade students in the school district were invited to participate in this civics contest, writing on the subject "Why I Should Vote."

- Acknowledge Mock Election Student Coordinators / Santa Monica High School

- Superintendent Search: Mr. Pascarelli of Cascade Consulting Group will be present to give an overview of the process for the Superintendent Search, including the timeline and the beginning of meetings with community and/or focus groups.

C. Student Board Members' Report

D. SMMCTA Representative's Report

E. S.E.I.U. Representative's Report

F. PTA Council President's Report

G. District Advisory Committee Report(s)

H. SM-M Education Foundation President's Report

I. Proposition X / State Modernization--Jacobs /Sverdrup CRSS

J. Prop X Oversight Committee


Public Comments is the time when members of the audience may address the Board of Education on items not scheduled on the meeting's agenda. All speakers are limited to three (3) minutes. When there is a large number of speakers, the Board may reduce the allotted time to two(2) minutes per speaker. The Brown Act (Government Code) states that Board members may not engage in discussion of issues raised during "VII, Public Comments" except to ask clarifying questions, make a brief announcement, make a brief report on his or her own activities, or to refer the matter to staff. This Public Comment section is limited to 20 minutes. If the number of persons wishing to address the Board of Education exceeds the time limit, additional time will be provided in Section XIII, CONTINUATION OF PUBLIC COMMENTS.

As a general rule, items under MAJOR and DISCUSSION will be listed in order of importance as determined by the President, Vice-President and Superintendent. Individual Board members may move to request a change in the order prior to consideration of any Major item. The Board may also move any of these items out of order to be heard immediately following PUBLIC COMMENTS if it appears that there is special interest by the public or as a courtesy to staff members making presentations to the Board.


These items are considered to be of major interest and/or importance and are presented for ACTION (A) at this time. Many have been reviewed by the Board at a previous meeting under the Discussion Items section of the agenda. Action Items are submitted to the Board of Education with a recommendation from the Superintendent. They may be tabled or postponed by action of a quorum of the Board. Items pulled from Section V, Consent Agenda, will be deliberated in Section VIII following the scheduled Action Items. When a member of the Staff presents an item, the Board may ask clarifying questions before the Public is heard on that item. Board discussion of the item will take place after hearing from the Public.

(10 min) A.15 District Advisory Committees / Instructional Technology/

Acceptance of Resignation/Declaration of Vacancy/

Appointment of New Members 33-34

(5 min) A.16 District Advisory Committees / Intercultural Advisory Council/

Creation of New Membership Category/Appointment

Of New Member 35

(10 min) A.17 Prop X Oversight Committee/Acceptance of Resignation/

Declaration of Vacancy 36

(15 min) A.18 Approval of Revised Board Policy 1240 - Volunteer Assistance 37-39

(10 min) A.19 Adopt Resolution No. 00-8 - Support Community Water

Flouridation as a Public Health Measure 40-41

(5 min) A.20 Approval of Special Education Contracts 42-43

(10 min) A.21 Special Education--Adopt Resolution No. 00-9 - Approval of

Special Education Mandated Cost Claim Settlement and

Agreement to Waive Further Claims 44-46

(5 min) A.22 Approval of Bids for Underground Utility Work at Malibu High School 47-48

(5 min) A.23 Approval of BLA #11 for Underground Utility Work at

Malibu High School 49-50


These items are submitted for information (FIRST READING) and discussion. Action will generally be considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.

(15 min) D.1 Assistant Superintendent Fiscal and Business Services Search/

Process 51


These items are submitted by individual Board members for information or discussion, as per Board Policy 8320(b).


These items are submitted by members of the public to address the Board of Education on a matter within the jurisdiction of the Board, as per Board Policy 8320(c). Requests must be submitted to the Superintendent in writing ten days before the Board meeting or prior to agenda planning, in accordance with the established agenda planning schedule, whichever is less. The written request will not exceed 500 words and will include, as an attachment, brief background information and the reason for the request.


These items are intended to keep the Board informed on various District business matters which do not require formal action by the Board.

I.1 Monthly Budget Report as of October 31, 2000 52-53


A continuation of Section VII, as needed.


Board Member Comments are where a Board member may make a brief announcement or make a brief report on his or her own activities relative to Board business. There can be no discussion under "BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS".


Items for future consideration will be listed with the projected date of consideration. The Board of Education will be given any backup information available at this time.


The Board of Education may adjourn to CLOSED SESSION to complete discussion on items listed for CLOSED SESSION.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 14, 2000 in the Board Room of the District's Administrative Offices, 1651 16th Street in Santa Monica.


*These dates have been confirmed at the Santa Monica City Council Chambers

August 10
September 07 21*
October 05 Malibu 19 * 28 (Win-Win/SEIU) 30 (Interviews with Search Firm Reps)
November 02 Malibu 16 * 09 (Win-Win/SEIU)
December 14
January 04 18*
February 01 15*
March 01 (Malibu) 14 (Wed)
April 05 26 (DAC Reports & Recommendations)
May 03 (Malibu) 17* 10 (Closed Session, Superintendents Evaluation)
June 07 28 (Budget adoption)


Agendas are distributed to:

All District principals

District managers/supervisors

all branches of the public library in Santa Monica and Malibu

print media in both Santa Monica and Malibu

SMMCTA and SEIU representatives

presidents of PTA Council and site PTAs

African American Parent Support Group

District Legal Counsel

the City Managers of both Santa Monica and Malibu

members of the public who may subscribe.

electonic media - surfsantamonica

email distribution list

Agenda Tables of Contents are mailed first class mail at no cost to the receiving party to

chairs of District Advisory Committees, chairs of Site Governance Councils,

members of the Prop X Oversight Committee

City Council members of both Santa Monica and Malibu

Board of Trustees Members Santa Monica College

representatives of child care/child welfare agencies in Santa Monica

representatives of various City commissions

requesting members of the public.

members, Superintendent's Financial Task Force; members Financial Oversight Committee

email distribution list

A copy of the Table of Contents is posted 72 hours in advance of regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting and is accessible to the public 24 hours/day in the window outside the District Offices entrance, 1651 - 16th street in Santa Monica. Special meeting agendas are posted 48 hours prior to special meetings of the Board of Education.