COVID-19 Illness, Return & Travel

  • COVID-19 Symptoms (English) (Español)

    • Fever ≥ 100°F, chills
    • Cough*(new)
    • Shortness of breath*, difficulty breathing
    • Diarrhea and/or Vomiting

    If your child or anyone in your household are experiencing the above symptoms, please follow these steps:

    • Stay home or go home immediately
    • Call your Healthcare Provider and get a COVID PCR test (not Antigen) - submit result to site School Nurse
    • Report symptoms to the School Nurse
    • Report absence attendance office
    • Follow Home Isolation Instructions (English) (Español
    • DO NOT come to campus until official medical clearance from School Nurse is received

    Additional Symptoms of COVID-19:

    • Sore throat
    • Runny/stuffy nose*
    • Muscle/body aches
    • Headache (new)
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Fatigue
    • Poor appetite

    Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome is a rare, but serious childhood complication of COVID-19. Common symptoms include those listed above as well as confusion or being overly tired.
    *If you or your child have a chronic or underlying condition that may cause similar symptoms, documentation from your Healthcare Provider is required. Please send a copy of this documentation to the site School Nurse.

    Return to campus after suspected COVID-19 symptoms

    • Negative Covid-19 PCR test submitted to site nurse
    • Individual must also be fever-free for 24hrs without fever reducing medication AND
    • Improvement of symptoms for 24 hours AND
    • School Nurse has provided clearance

    *Additional medical documentation may also be required by site RN

    COVID-19 Positive Test Result

    • Stay home & follow Home Isolation Instructions (English) (Español
    • Siblings in the household must also stay home & follow Home Quarantine instructions due to the high transmission rate in a household
    • Notify your site School Nurse & site attendance immediately
    • Do not come to campus until isolation period is over & official medical clearance from School Nurse is received


    Return to campus after COVID-19 Positive Test Result

    Staff or students with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result must follow the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Home Isolation Orders.
    Staff and students may ONLY return in person to school when all criteria have been met***:

    • At least 5 full days have passed since symptom onset/positive test date and
    • Improvement of symptoms, fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications and
    • Student symptoms do not interfere with mask wearing throughout the school day and
    • Negative health care provider confirmed antigen test (not a home test) collected on Day 5 or later* and
    • Submission of negative test results to site RN (via email) and
    • Receipt of official clearance from the Health Office to return

    *If a day five test is not performed, or the day five test is positive, these individuals can return to school on day 11 if their symptoms have improved

    COVID-19 in the household;

    • Contact your site health office for detailed instructions
    • Fully vaccinated students living with a COVID+ household member are STRONGLY recommended to STAY HOME for the duration of the positive case’s isolation, get tested immediately, again on Day 5, and again before returning to school. 
    • Students who are not yet fully vaccinated and living with a COVID+ household member are required quarantine. Day 0 is the last day of the positive case’s isolation. These students must stay home while the positive case is on isolation and quarantine for an additional 5-10 days after that. These students should get a COVID test immediately, on Day 5, and again before returning to school.


    COVID-19 Exposure/Quarantine

    If you are exposed to COVID-19 and are unvaccinated, you must quarantine for 5-10 days and follow quarantine instructions found here.
    You are considered exposed if you have:

    • Been within 6 feet of someone with confirmed COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes within a 24 hour period with or without a mask.
    • Had any unprotected contact with bodily fluids (saliva, mucous, blood, vomit, stool).
    • The contacts of the quarantined individuals (ie. Siblings) are not considered exposed and do not need to be quarantined, per LACDPH.

    *Exempt from Quarantine & may remain in school: If fully vaccinated (>2 weeks after last vaccine dose) OR students who have recovered from laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 within the last 90 days (and are symptom free) are NOT required to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19. However, if symptoms develop or a + COVID test result is received, then follow Home Isolation instructions above and alert the site nurse.

    COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

    Out of state or out of country travel is included as a potential COVID-19 exposure and a quarantine period is recommended but not required - refer to current Health Orders. If you choose to take a travel quarantine, please notify your site attendance office. Testing is not required to return to site campuses.

    Illness Prevention Strategies

    Face coverings (Español) need to be worn correctly by completely covering the nose and mouth.

    Physical Distancing (Español) of 6ft must be maintained at all times to the extent possible with members outside of your household.

    Proper Hand Hygiene (Español)

    • Handwashing - Wet hands. add soap. scrub front and back of hands, in-between fingers, fingernails, thumbs, and wrists for 20 seconds. Rinse. Dry.
    • Hand Sanitizer - must be used under direct supervision of young children. 60% or greater alcohol content. Follow instructions for handwashing and AIR DRY. 
    • Cough & Sneeze into your elbow and clean hands.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting (Español): Read labels on all cleaning products. Clean surfaces first to remove dirt. Apply disinfectant as instructed with enough dwell time (time disinfectant must stay wet on surface to kill germs).


    All information regarding a person’s COVID-19 status is confidential information. The School Nurse, in partnership with LA County Department of Public Health, will be involved with contact tracing, determining exposure and notifying close contacts. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the School Nurse at your site.