What you need to know for the beginning of the year!

  • COVID-19 Screening App


    All families should register with our new health screening tool, Lintelio. It is provided to SMMUSD through a company called Company Nurse.  It is easy to use and it is now ready to use! 

    Steps to follow:

    • Families can NOW register their chiid(ren) using the QR code below. Please enter your child's name; if you have more than one child, create an account for each. Click the links below to register and then scroll through to your location.  If you are on a laptop, you need to hold the left mouse down while scrolling down.  If you are on a cell phone it works easier because you just scroll to your location.
    • The day after you register you will start receiving a screening link via email the very next morning after you registered at 5am.  The link will come from LINTELIO, so, please use the name Lintelio when discussing the new link with student, staff and parent community. This link is unique to you and your name every day, and unique to that particular date so please only complete your link, for the current day, and don’t share it with anyone else to complete.
    • Click on the link you receive every morning at 5am to complete the screening. You will need to show your green screen prior to entering any district facility.  Your green screen will last for 15 hours.
    • If you get a red screen STAY HOME and contact your administrator and/or school nurse for further instructions. 
    • If you receive a red screen, you will not be able to complete further screenings on subsequent days until a school nurse or administrator clears your hold in the system and allows you to screen again.


    Ø Students can start now registering as users via the following link:  https://smmusdstudentcovidscreen.lintelio.com/  

    Student Link: https://smmusdStudentcovidscreen.lintelio.com

    Student QR Code: 

    Screening QR


  • Regular Day Schedule


    All students arrive between 8:10-8:25


    TK/K: 1:45pm

    1st to 3rd: 2:55pm

    4th & 5th: 3:00pm


    TK/K arrival will be from 8:30-8:45 on the following days: August 19, 23, 24, 25, & 26. Beginning Monday, August 30, TK/K will arrive between 8:10-8:25.

    Minimum Day Schedule

    Minimum Days: Aug. 19, 24, 31; Nov. 3, 4, 5; Dec. 17; Mar. 31; June 9 


    All students arrive between 8:10-8:25 


    TK/K: 12:10pm (will not eat lunch on campus; may take a Grab-and-Go lunch at dismissal)

    1st to 5th: 1:00pm

    Late Start Friday Schedule 


    All students arrive between 9:30-9:45


    TK/K: 1:45pm

    1st to 3rd: 2:55pm

    4th & 5th: 3:00pm

    Gate Assignments

    TK/K - Gate B

    1st/3rd - Gate A

    2nd/4th - Gate D

    5th - Gate C

    Important Dates

    August 18 - TK/K Meet-and-Greet @ 11:00am (Lunch provided)

    August 19 - First Day of School! (Minimum Day)

    August 20 - Welcome Back Picnic from 3-5Pm (Rogers’ 1st Grade Yard)

    August 21 - Volunteer Day on the Farm (corner of Maple and 16th) from 10am-1pm

    August 24 & 31 – Minimum Days

    August 24 - Back to School Night TK-2 (5-6:30)

    August 31 - Back to School Night 3-5 (5-6:30)

    Sept 6, 7, & 167, and 16 - No School 


    • Dress in layers
    • Send your child to school with sunscreen, hat, etc.
    • Free Breakfast and Lunch


    Link to recording of the August 12 Informational Session with families: https://youtu.be/BL4fWbTLu6E


  • Arrival and Dismissal Map