MHS Virtual Students of the Month

  • When selecting their Virtual Learning Students of the Month, teachers nominated students who have been participating at high levels and making progress during Distance Learning by being organized, responsible, creative, engaged, and maintaining a positive attitude during such a crazy time.

  • 9th Grade
    Joshua Doyle
    Charlotte Flores
    Oceane Jones
    Julia Levin
    Ethan Marshall
    Keira Norrell
    Harlow Prockiw-Kline

    10th Grade
    Louis Armitage
    Lola Augspurger
    Hailey Ceglia
    Sofi Estrada
    Henry Heppekausen
    Charli Seyler
    Dylan Speirs

  • 11th Grade
    Francesca Cloete
    Maggie Flores
    Kimberly Jimenez
    Davis Kerbeck
    Yona Magna
    Ava Ray
    Lola Sigal
    Kira Smit

    12th Grade
    Aaron Bond
    William Guthrie
    Ashlyn Kunerth
    Erin Muldoon
    Tristan Polard
    Janet Ann Purtell
    Natalie Salem