Principal Updates

  • In order to support the wonderful newly hired PPBL Assistant Principal and help the District establish this pathway, for 2019-20, I will be Principal of the PPBL 9th graders as well as continue into my 12th year as Principal of SMASH K-8 students.

    We have established protocols amongst the staff when I am off-campus for district trainings and committee meetings. Those same distributed responsibilities and chains of communication will apply for the moment. I am only five minutes away at the SMASH campus (5th and Ocean Park Blvd.). In my absence, Anthony Fuller (Olympic HS Principal) will be the lead for facility-related issues. Additionally, Patty Vargas (front office manager), Nicole Nicodemus (Co-Administrator) and PPBL teacher advisors know which student-related matters can wait until I return and those for which I should immediately be contacted.

    Thank you in advance to the PPBL community for being a supportive and safe place for all learners, adults and kids alike!

    Truly yours,
    Jessica Rishe