Malibu Elementary School Site Council Members

  • 2023-2024

    Heather Alfano Parent (President) Exp: 06/25
    Jennifer Owhadi Parent (Secretary) Exp: 06/24

    Erin Garnero Exp: 06/24
    Kelsey McKinnon Exp: 06/25
    Melissa Solano Exp: 06/24

    Yvette Kleiser (Teacher) Exp: 06/24
    Sharon Thompson (Teacher) Exp: 06/24
    Angela Whitman (Teacher) Exp: 06/24
    Diane Sullivan (Classified) Exp: 06/25

    Chris Hertz



    • Half the SSC membership is composed of school staff members.
    • Classroom teachers comprise the majority of the school staff membership.
    • Half of the SSC membership is comprised of parents and/or community members, and, at the secondary level, students.
    • Parents on the committee are not employed at the school. (Employees who are parents of students at the school may serve as staff representatives; employees of the district who are not employed at the school may serve as parents.)
    • No SSC seats have been reserved for any individual, group or position not identified and selected by their peers. (e.g.: assistant principal, union representative, student council president, parent of EL student, parent of GATE student)
    • No additional criteria has been required to serve on the council.