Grades and Online Access

  • STAY ON TOP of STUDENT PROGRESS with Illuminate! Get online access to grades, homework and attendance information.

    To check your student’s progress you will need an access code. We have provided an access code to each contact listed in our information system. You have the same access code for all students enrolled at Malibu High. The system generates an access code for each contact, which means that in most cases each parent has his or her own access code. There are some exceptions.

    Access codes were sent home with students. If you do not get the letter or there is an issue with the access code, please contact Beth Soloway, Beth Papp, Tania Jolly, Sally Anderson and Amariah Taylor.

    Follow these steps to access Illuminate’s Home Connection:

    1. Click here to access the SMMUSD Parent Portal Log-in instructions >
    2. As a first time user, select “Click here to register” (near the bottom of the white screen area).
    3. Enter your first and last name.
    4. Enter the access code assigned to you. The access code is case sensitive.
    5. Select “Save and continue.” You will be taken to a new screen and asked to enter your email address and to choose a password. This will complete the registration process.

    For direct access to the parent portal, go to


    1. Click here for the Illuminate portal or use the Illuminate button on the home page.
    2. At the login prompt, click on student at the top left.
    3. Student types in their Student ID# and the password “malibu” in all lower case letters.
    4. Student will then be prompted to create a password and verify it. REMEMBER the password. Write it down.
    5. You will then use your new password to access your files. (If by any chance you forget your password, see your counselor who will request that the system be reset for you to start over).