Santa Monica High School Clubs

  • Fall 2019

    Air Club
    Meets in Room H217, Monday
    Advisor: Gottlieb
    Mission: Help raise money and awareness for unclean air quality.

    Animal Activism
    Meets in Room H210, Tuesday
    Advisor: Okla
    Mission: To educate about animal rights problems and encourage a vegan/vegitarian lifestyle.

    Anime Club
    Meets in Room L204, Friday
    Advisor: Ms. Nesbitt
    Mission: To watch and appreciate anime.

    AP Pals
    Meets in Room i103, Tuesday After School
    Advisor: Ms. Bautista
    Mission: Facilitate free peer-to-peer tutoring for Samohi students.

    Apple Coding Club
    Meets in Room A102, Every other Thursday
    Advisor: Ms. Saunders
    Mission: To teach coding, problem solving, teamwork, app development, and bringing ideas to life.

    A Sense of Home
    Meets in Room E100: every other Monday
    Advisor: Koehler
    Mission: To encourage volunteering/giving back to foster youth and those who have aged out of the foster system.

    AVID Club
    Meets in Room 1303, Monday
    Advisor: Khem
    Mission: Help students be informed about college, fundraise to visit colleges/universities and find options for ourselves.

    Badminton Club
    Meets in the Gym, Tuesday
    Advisor: Mr. Patenaude
    Mission: To encourage students to partake in a sport not offered by Samohi athletics department.

    Basketball Club
    Meets in Room E117, Wednesday
    Advisor: Kim
    Mission: To fundraise for the girls' basketball program.

    Bee Aware Club
    Meets in Room L113, Monday
    Advisor: Lee
    Mission: To spread awareness about the bee crisis.

    Big Bowling Bonanza
    Meets in Room L208, Friday
    Advisor: Wang
    Mission: To encourage participation in bowling as a sport.

    Big Heart Ranch Club
    Meets in Room L202, Friday
    Advisor: Faas
    Mission: To raise money for the rescued animals at the ranch

    Black Student Union
    Meets in Room L108, Tuesday
    Advisor: Golden
    Mission: Samohi BSU is a club where students discuss, connect, and learn about black culture and the issues we face as a black community.

    Book Ends Book Club
    Meets in Room E100, Thursday
    Advisor: Koehler
    Mission: To gain more insight on a prominent female perspective in literature, in order to comprehend a more diverse idea of society and our own values.

    Books For Kids
    Meets in Room EH122, Tuesday
    Advisor: Orgill
    Mission: To help kids with low access to books gain reading material.

    Boxing Club
    Meets in the Wrestling Room, Monday & Wednesday
    Advisor: Wilkinson
    Mission: For students to learn boxing skills such as proper punchings, defense.

    Brain Games Club
    Meets in Room I303, Friday
    Advisor: Khem
    Mission: To gather a group of students who collectively enjoy the TV Show Brain Games

    Branching Out Garden Club
    Meets in Room H122, Friday
    Advisor: Orgill
    Mission: To promote sustainability by growing your own produce & plants.

    Bro Club
    Meets in Room H205, Friday
    Advisor: Tamthai
    Mission: To create a safe place for gamers, not focusing on playing video games, more on the friendships we will form.

    Brown Minds Matter
    Meets in Room I309, Monday
    Advisor: Mireles-Toumayan
    Mission: To have a safe environment where we can check in on each other and talk about our mental healt.

    Building Bridges Club Alliance
    Meets in Room E100, Friday
    Advisor: Koehler
    Mission: To promote social awareness and advocacy on campus and in the community, as well as to connect to the larger BBCA throughout California as run by the California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ) and their overarching Building Bridges for Youth programs

    Buzzcut Club
    Meets in Room H218, Tuesday
    Advisor: Gottlie
    Mission: Raise awareness of cancer and hair loss, & to donate hair to cancer patients.

    Cambodian Children's Dream Organization
    Meets in the Yoga Room, Friday
    Advisor: Mr. Battung
    Mission: To raise money for underpriveleged Cambodia communities.

    Canceling Cancer
    Meets in Room H218, Thursday
    Advisor: Chapman
    Mission: To fundraise and support children with cancer.

    Cards Club
    Meets in Room I105 , Monday
    Advisor: Arnold
    Mission: To create a stable environment where students can increase their statistical strategy by playing interactive card games, (poker,etc.)

    Card Games Club
    Meets in Room I204, Thursday
    Advisor: Gonzalez
    Mission: To teach and discuss card games such as magic the gathering, and yugioh.

    Chamber Music Samohi
    Meets in Room M101, Friday
    Advisor: Aiello
    Mission: A time and place for musicians to practice and rehearse music

    Chess Club
    Meets in Room E401, Wednesdays at Lunch
    Advisor: Mr. Alvarado
    Mission: To foster increased interest, participation, and enjoyment of the game of chess.

    Chicanos/Latinos United Council
    Meets in Room E107, Friday
    Advisor: Ms. Rodriguez
    Mission: To improve cultural pride, politica involvement, and social awareness.

    CHLA Club
    Meets in Room H214, Thursday
    Mission: To raise awareness for hospitalized children and connect with them

    Circle of Friends SAMOHI
    Meets in Room B205, Tuesday
    Advisor: Krutzler
    Mission: To provide a safe place where all SAMOHI students can be included in lunch time/ after school activities.

    Clay Club
    Meets in Room A013, Thursday
    Advisor: Gutierrez
    Mission: To create art with clay, raise funds and support the ceramics program.

    Comedy Co.
    Meets in T-3, Friday
    Advisor: Blanck
    Mission: To introduce new ways to keep smiles on peoples faces through comedy.

    Compassionate Samohi
    Meets in Room B100, Friday
    Advisor: Rotondi
    Mission: To help the community in feeding the hungry, donating to causes, and following the 17 sustainable goals.

    Cooking Club
    Meets in Room I307, Friday
    Advisor: McKellar
    Mission: To provide a fun environment to learn about cooking and how to cook.

    Creative Minds
    Meets in Room A105, Friday
    Advisor: Sunseri
    Mission: To enhance the imagination and creativity by creating art projects that everybody agrees and enjoys.

    Crocs4Kidz Club
    Meets in Room H204, Monday
    Advisor: Acker
    Mission: To maintain a safe and fun place for croc enthusiasts.

    CTEEN Jewish Club
    Meets in T-2, Thursday
    Advisor: Contreras
    Mission: To create a safe and social place for Jewish teens to connect and explore their culture and traditions

    Current Events Club
    Meets in Room I309, Wednesday
    Advisor: Mireles-Toumayan
    Mission: To foster an interest in current events around the world as well as raise money for various current causes.

    Cycling Club
    Meets in Room H218, Thursday
    Advisor: Gottlieb
    Mission: To promote a healthy outlet for relieving stress through organized rides.

    Dark Magic Club
    Meets in Room B106, Thursday
    Advisor: Barron
    Mission: Educating ourselves on the history behind what is known about,"dark magic," as well as its impact on the culture of past and present societies. And exploring how the implication of dark magic affected the social constructs of said societies, especially in the terms of the media and views on women, and minorities.

    Data Science Club
    Meets in Room H210, Thursday
    Advisor: Kariya
    Mission: To educate students about Data Science using Python

    DCC Hip Hop
    Meets in Greeks/ SGym, Tuesday
    Advisor: Barranza
    Mission: Train new dancers.

    Earning for Educators
    Meets in Room L110, Friday
    Advisor: Ms. Yumori
    Mission: To raise money and awareness for the teachers/educators in our school to show appreciation for all that they do.

    Education Foundation Club
    Meets in Room l303, Tuesday
    Advisor: Khem
    Mission: To promote and fundraise for the Education Foundation and to get students more involved with it.

    Efforts for Heifer
    Meets in Room H214, Tuesday
    Advisor: Paulis
    Mission: To help teach people the true power of teaching a man how to fish as opposed to aiding him with fishes.

    Embrace Relief Club
    Meets in Room H119, Tuesday
    Advisor: Mr. Hobkirk
    Mission: To provide toiletries, clothing and other neccesities to Syrian refugees and help others escape safely.

    Environmental Defense Club
    Meets in Room H214, Wednesday
    Advisor: Paulis
    Mission: To fundraise for the environmental defense fund, provide solutions for environmental problems like climate change etc..

    Every Body Matters
    Meets in Room I209, Wednesday
    Advisor: Colburn
    Mission: To promote healthy self image and body positivity amongst teenagers of all ages.

    FIDM Fashion Club
    Meets in Room L09, Friday
    Advisor: Salumbides
    Mission: To have fun and creative space for members of the club.

    Film Club
    Meets in Room H123, Friday
    Advisor: Mr. Wishart
    Mission: To watch and analyze films.

    Film Club (CREW)
    Meets in Room I204, Friday
    Mission: Share the love of film production with Samohi students.

    Free the Children
    Meets in Room L207, Tuesday
    Advisor: Ms. Cox
    Mission: To raise money to donate to our specific yearly project for a third world country

    Free 2 Be Me
    Meets in Room B205, Friday
    Advisor: Krutzler
    Mission: To proivde a safe space for everyone to express themselves through dance.

    French Club
    Meets in Room H217
    Advisor: Ms. Smith
    Mission: To fundraise for a France trip in Spring Break 2020..

    Freshman Steering
    Meets in Room L205, Wednesday
    Advisor: Kariya
    Mission: To get student involvement in what is happening with their grade.

    Fund the Arts
    Meets in Room A103, Friday
    Advisor: Ms. Bouse
    Mission: To raise money for the art program using our creativity like bake sales, denim up cycles, face painting, T Shirt designs.

    Fundraising for the Ederly
    Meets in Room L104, Thursday
    Advisor: Denisi
    Mission: Raising money for the elders in our community.

    Game Design Club
    Meets in Room I204, Tuesday
    Advisor: Noemi Gonzalez
    Mission: To teach game design concepts with unity3d and C#.

    Garfield Club
    Meets in Room L110 , Tuesday
    Advisor: Yumori
    Mission: Appreciate Garfield, and fundraise for animal shelters.

    Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
    Meets in Room B106, Wedneday
    Mission: To provide a safe place for LGBTQA+ students on campus, where they can bond with their fellows.

    Meets in Room H217, Thursday
    Advisor: Smith
    Mission: To try a new type of workout every week in a positive, like-minded community.

    Girls Learn International (GLI)
    Meets in Room B208, Thursday
    Advisor: Mr. Barraza
    Mission: To give Samo students a voice in the feminist movement by fundraising for GLI-run projects specifically.

    Girl's Pact
    Meets in Room E201, Tuesday
    Advisor: Ms. Torres
    Mission: Finding our self-worth, and communicating skills between our friends and partners.

    Girl Up
    Meets in Room I311, Monday
    Advisor: Ms. Forrer
    Mission: To fundraise for girls' education in Uganda.

    Give a Life
    Meets in Room L207, Thursday
    Advisor: Shannon Cox
    Mission: To raise money for children in India with immunodeficiency diseases.

    Happy Trails for Kids
    Meets in Room H218, Friday
    Advisor: Gottlieb
    Mission: To raise money in order to help out the Happy Trails for Kids Charity organization, continue camp/extracurricular activities for Los Angeles foster children.

    HAID Homeless Aid
    Meets in Room B202, Monday
    Advisor: Rivera
    Mission: Volunteer at soup kitchens, and any place that helps them.

    HARP Club
    Meets in Room L100, Monday
    Advisor: Ms. Bisson
    Mission: To create a safe space for all religious associations to come together to create good habits and principals to make sure our ext generation is one where peace can be globally established.

    Heal the Bay Club
    Meets in Room I107, Tuesday
    Advisor: Mr. Gaida
    Mission: To promote civil action and education for the environmental causes with Heal the Bay Santa Monica.

    Health Foundations Club
    Meets in Room I111, Friday
    Advisor: Song
    Mission: To fundraise for the Santa Monica community to help cover medical expenses.

    Heart for Heart
    Meets in Room L113, Thursday
    Advisor: Lee
    Mission: To fundraise for children in China who have a medical condition that causes a hole in the heart.

    Help Give Hope Club
    Meets in Room L103, Thursday
    Advisor: Ms. Chapman
    Mission: To provide for the homeless in Santa Monica.

    Help the Homies
    Meets in Room L107, Wednesday
    Advisor: Paulis
    Mission: To fundraise and donate needed supplies for the OPCC

    History Club
    Meets in the Library, Wednesday
    Advisor: Tovar
    Mission: To discuss historical events.

    History Society
    Meets in Room L207, Wednesday
    Advisor: Cox
    Mission: Presenting interactive slideshows on past events and have Kahoots at the end with prizes. Our goal is to discuss aspects of world events that are unclear today and in the past, along with forming hypotheses on what happened.

    Human Rights Watch Student Task Force
    Meets in Room E107, Tuesday
    Advisor: Rodriguez
    Mission: To spread awareness of issues, such as climate change, and immigration.

    Immersion Club
    Meets in Room I305, Tuesday
    Advisor: Ms. Bautista
    Mission: To raise money for our Immersion graduation.

    Immersion Student Council
    Meets in Room I305, Friday
    Advisor: Ms. Bautista
    Mission: To unite the 3 schools of the Immersion program.

    Imrov Club
    Meets in the Humanities Center, Wednesday
    Advisor: Ms. Barraza
    Mission: Teach students to break out of their shell and learn how to effectively work with each other.

    Junior State of America
    Meets in Room L103, Monday
    Advisor Ms. Chapman
    Mission: To promote civic engagement, leadership, civil discourse, and public speaking ability.

    Junior Steering
    Meets in Room H122, Wednesday
    Advisor: Orgill
    Mission: To provide unity across the junior class and support a community hub where members feel welcome and appreciated.

    Key Club
    Meets in Room I107, Thursday
    Advisor: Mr. Gaida
    Mission: Assist for community events and support of the Samohi and Santa Monica community, and fundraising for PTP.

    Kids Hospital Club
    Meets in Room H119, Tuesday
    Advisor: Mr. Hobkirk
    Mission: Fundraise for the local childrens' hospital.

    La Companía
    Meets in Room M102, Wednesday
    Advisor: Sakow
    Mission: To appreciate and study latin music, creating a community with similar interests.

    La Sociedad
    Meets in Room I305, Thursday
    Advisor: Bautista
    Mission: community service

    Lacrosse Club
    Meets in Yoga Room, Tues. & Wed after school
    Advisor: Mr. Patenaude

    Mission: To educate interested students about lacrosse and promote involvement in the team/sport.

    Latin Club
    Meets in Room I303, Thursday
    Advisors: Khem
    Mission: To promote Latin learning and Roman culture.

    Latinos Unidos
    Meets in Room I309, Thursday
    Advisor: Mireles-Toumayan
    Mission: advocate for issues of latino students.

    Lego Builders Club
    Meets in T-4, Tuesday
    Advisor: Blanck
    Mission: Team building skills, experience the complexity of the finely crafted lego.

    Los Angeles World Affairs Council
    Meets in Room B200, Tuesday
    Advisor: Salumbides
    Mission: Discuss current events.

    Magician's Club
    Meets in Room L113, Thurs.
    Advisor: Lee
    Mission: To teach others the art of magics a skill which will allow to compete with others.

    Magic: The Gathering Club
    Meets in Room I109, Mon.
    Advisor: Eckhart
    Mission: To generate interest in the game, magic: the gathering

    Make-A-Wish Club
    Meets in Room L103, Thurs.
    Advisor: Chapman
    Mission: To raise money for children with critical illnesses.

    Math Appreciation Club
    Meets in Room H210, Thurs.
    Advisor: Okla
    Mission: Provide challenge problems to participants and have fun competitions.

    Math Peer Tutoring
    Meets in Room H210, Every day
    Advisor: Cruce
    Mission: To provide easy access to math tutoring.

    M.D.s To Be
    Meets in Room H215, Tues.
    Advisor: Francisco-Flores
    Mission: To fundraise money that will be donated to a chosen charity or hospital.

    M.E.C.H.A De Santa Monica
    Meets in Room H100, Thurs.
    Advisor: Gonzalez
    Mission: To gain higher education for the chicano community.

    Mending Kids
    Meets in Room I217, Thurs.
    Advisor: Gutierrez
    Mission: To increase awareness of the opportunities for Samo Kids to volunteer on hometown missions and surgical pediatric missions.

    Menstrual Rights Club
    Meets in Room E107, Thurs.
    Advisor: Rodriguez
    Mission: To give access to female hygiene products to students on campus.

    Middle Eastern Club
    Meets in Room I213, Fri.
    Advisor: Reyes
    Mission: To celebrate middle eastern culture and bring together middle eastern students to form a tighter community.

    MOB Club (Musical Opas Club)
    Meets in the Band Room,  Tues. & Thurs
    Advisor: Sakow
    Mission: To promote originality and spread ideas in music, encouraging students to be expressive with their musical abilities.

    Mock Trial Club
    Meets in Room H208, Tues.
    Advisor: Chapman
    Mission: To enrich students about how court cases actually play out through mock court/trail cases.

    Models of Tomorrow
    Meets in Room L114, Tues.
    Advisor: Thun
    Mission: To promote self confidence and to take fun photos.

    Model UN
    Meets in Room L208, Mon.
    Advisor: Wang
    Mission: To teach world politics and promote good speaking.

    Musicians Club
    Meets in the Music Rm. (upstairs), Mon.
    Advisor: Aiello
    Mission: Keep a regulated schedule, help with any repertoire.

    Music Mends Minds
    Meets in Room L100, Thurs.
    Advisor: Bisson
    Mission: To raise money for Music Mends Minds, an organization that helps brain injury patients through music.

    Music Mentors
    Meets in T-2, Wed.
    Advisor: Contreras
    Mission: To raise money for local schools music program.

    NAMI On Campus (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
    Meets in Room L103, Wed.
    Advisor: Chapman
    Mission: To end the stigma around mental illness, as well as educate and inform students about it, and provide a space where people can feel comfortable talking about mental illness.

    National Chinese Honors Society
    Meets in Room L208, Thurs.
    Advisor: Wang
    Mission: To promote community service amongst students in a manner that's beneficial to the Chinese program, recognize high-achieving individuals in the program, as well as promote leadership within club members.

    National Spanish Honor Society
    Meets in Room L201, Fri.
    Advisor: Wethern
    Mission: To promote Spanish language learning as well as hispanic culture.

    Novice Engineering
    Meets in the Library, Monday
    Advisor: Ms. Bart-Bell
    Mission: To develop leadership skills and the knowledge of tools that today's innovators use.

    One Swap at a Time
    Meets in Room H214, Fri.
    Advisor: Paulis
    Mission: To show how students can become sustainable individually, explore all parts of the climate issue, and promote change with independent projects based on members' ideas, hobbies, and passions.

    Operation of Hope
    Meets in Room L201, Mon.
    Advisor: Wethern
    Mission: To help fund surgeries for children in underserved countries who are born with or are suffering from facial deformities and burns, as well as educate the community of this need and raise money.

    Outdoors Club
    Meets in Room H204, Mon.
    Advisor: Muñoz Acker
    Mission: To provide students an opportunity to explore and connect with nature through hiking and camping, as well as help students bond through shared experiences and create friendships.

    Pass it On
    Meets in Room H214, Tuesday
    Advisor: Ms. Paulis
    Mission: To give underprivileged kids the chance to play sports and involve students when making a difference in young lives.

    Percussion Club
    Meets in the Percussion Room, Tue. & Thurs.
    Advisor: McKeown
    Mission: To raise money for percussion equipment for current and future grades as well as encourage people to join the percussion section.

    Ping Pong Club
    Meets in Room I204, Thurs.
    Advisor: Gonzalez
    Mission: To provide a safe environment for competition among peers and enhance the net player skill of ping pong playing students at SAMOHI.

    Plant Protection Association/Botany Club
    Meets in Room E201, Mon.
    Advisor: Torres
    Mission: To benefit plant species and promote environmental sustainability.

    PLTW 4th Year
    Meets in Room I223, Mon.
    Advisor: Snyder
    Mission: To provide time, resources, and guidance for the 4th year PLTW class projects as well as raise funds for equipment & experiences for the 4th year PLTW class.

    Poetry Club
    Meets in Room E100, Every Other Thurs.
    Advisor: Koehler
    Mission: To provide a space for students to share their own poetry and encourage students to practice as well as learn how to write and recite poetry.

    PRE Club
    Meets in Room E217, Wed.
    Advisor: Radford
    Mission: To provide a safe space for students to discuss equal rights.

    Project Reaching Bigger Goals
    Meets in the College Center, Wed.
    Advisor: Flores
    Mission: To increase the college-going culture at SAMOHI and after enrichment opportunities for students overall academic and personal achievement.

    Puerto Rico Rise Up
    Meets in Room I305, Wed.
    Advisor: Bautista
    Mission: To help aid schools in Puerto Rico with school supplies and/or resources they need as well as communicate with students from the schools.

    Puzzle Club
    Meets in Room E100, Thurs.
    Advisor: Koehler
    Mission: To learn about the history of various puzzles and encourage thinking outside of the box.

    Red Cross Club
    Meets in Room T-3, Thurs.
    Advisor: Blanck
    Mission: To provide the members of SAMOHI with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in our community through the Red Cross organization as well as empower students with knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare school to respond to emergencies.

    Reppin Refugees
    Meets in Room L103, Tue.
    Advisor: Chapman
    Mission: To raise awareness around the refugee crisis around the world and fundraise for organizations that help refugees.

    Rock Appreciation and Analysis
    Meets in Room I213, Thurs.
    Advisor: Reyes
    Mission: To discuss and analyze influential as well as lesser known songs within the genre of rock as well as to foster an appreciation for rock as a genre.

    Roots 4 the Youth
    Meets in Room E217, Mon.
    Mission: To provide necessities for low-income children cases in Los Angeles and to make a difference in our community by supporting the youth.

    Rowing Club
    Meets in Room H210, Fri.
    Advisor: Okla
    Mission: To discuss every aspect of rowing (races, practices, teams, teaching non-experienced individuals) and to help people on crew develop the mental skills to have a strong and positive mindset.

    Samohi Coding Club
    Meets in Room L113, Friday
    Advisor: Ms. Lee
    Mission: To allow members to pick a project to work on througout the year while utilizing the coding languages such as CTT and OpenGL.

    SAMOHI Food & Service Club
    Meets in Room E100, Wed.
    Advisor: Koehler
    Mission: To promote service and good in the community, encourage leadership as well as high quality work with high quality results, and to acknowledge there are people with very little and it's our duty to help them.

    SAMOHI Gaming Club
    Meets in Room H119, Thurs.
    Advisor: Hobkirk
    Mission: To watch competitive gaming, play games together, and bring people together who share a common interest in video games.

    SAMOHI Mathletes
    Meets in Room L113, Wed.
    Advisor: Lee
    Mission: To provide samo students with the opportunity to participate in competitive math, apply what they have learned, and to challenge students to be interested in math in topics they might not be very familiar in.

    SAMOHI Mural Club
    Meets in Room A103, Wed.
    Advisor: Bouse
    Mission: To beautify the school/community by painting murals and bringing art to the community.

    SAMOHI Political Activism
    Meets in Room L207, Mon.
    Advisor: Cox
    Missiion: To hold weekly political discussions, give samohi students an opportunity to explore their political ideologies, and to hold monthly bake sales in order to donate all profits to a national nonprofit vote on by members of the club.

    SAMOHI Rugby Club
    Meets in Room H122, Thurs.
    Advisor: Orgill
    Mission: To share rugby experience and work towards a competitive level as well as create a sense of community within the school & eventually outside.

    SAMOHI Shakespeare Society
    Meets in Room H121, Fri.
    Advisor: Lee
    Mission: To explore and immerse students into Shakespearean literature.

    SAMO Writers Society
    Meets in Room L204, Thurs.
    Advisor: Nesbitt
    Mission: To provide a supportive/encouraging environment for any prospective writers at our school and allow members the ability to openly share and receive feedback on their work.

    Santa Monica Cyber Patriots
    Meets in Room B200, Tues. after school
    Advisor: Salumbides
    Mission: To compete with other cyberpatriot teams in the region in the largest cyber defense competition and develop fundamental computer science skills while exploring various future careers in the STEM field.

    Santa Monica High School YAF
    Meets in Room E117, Tues. after school
    Advisor: Kim
    Mission: To promote political activism, and provide a safe place for political debate for republican students on campus, do political activities sent in by YAF.

    Santa Monica Israel Advocacy (JSU)
    Advisor: Acker
    Mission: This club will strengthen Israel identity, build Israel pride and provide an opportunity for interaction in Israel advocacy between and among all students of Santa Monica High School.

    Santa Monica Nintendo Club
    Meets in Room B202, Fri.
    Advisor: Rivera
    Mission: To allow people to participate in friendly or competitive games on Nintendo, give people the opportunity to try something new, and to promote teamwork, patience, communication, and sportsmanship among peers.

    Science Olympiad
    Meets in Room I317, Mon.
    Advisor: Macwan
    Mission: To educate in scientific topics while having fun and to assemble a team to compete in a science competition.

    Senior Companions
    Meets in Room H122, Tues.
    Advisor: Orgill
    Mission: Volunteering at the Elderly homes, and aid tech teens.

    Senior Steering (class of 2020)
    Meets in Room B100 (ASB Room), Wed.
    Advisor: Golden
    Mission: To give back to seniors and fundraise for our class in order to have the best senior year ever.

    Ski Club
    Meets in Room L206, Wed.
    Advisor: Gutiérrez
    Mission: To discuss and promote all things skiing and related sports, fundraise and organize ski trips, and offer support to those unable to afford skiing.

    Soccer Collective
    Meets in Room H208, Thurs.
    Advisor: Chapman
    Mission: To analyze and watch professional soccer around the world, unify the soccer community within our school, and debate.

    Sophomore Steering
    Meets in Room H208, Wed.
    Advisor: Chapman
    Mission: To give students who are not in ASB a voice in school wide events and decisions as well as fundraise for the sophomore class.

    Soup Club
    Meets in Room H200, Mon.
    Advisor: Luong
    Mission: To encourage SAMOHI students to be more involved in the community, fundraise, volunteer, and collect donations to help end hunger internationally and locally

    Sports Medicine Club
    Meets in Athletic Training Office, Mon.
    Advisor: Tran
    Mission: To gain hands on experience in the athletic training field.

    Spreading Sports
    Meets in Room H217, Wed.
    Advisor: Smith
    Mission: To spread our expertise of volleyball to those who can't afford coaches and promote athletics.

    STEM Connect
    Meets in Room E201, Thurs.
    Advisor: Torres
    Mission: To connect students with professors via video conferencing and discuss STEM topics.

    Storybooks and Tutoring
    Meets in Room H120, Tue.
    Advisor: Kelley
    Mission: To help kids K-6 with school work for free and to entertain young children with story reading at local library.

    Students Against Blood Cancers
    Meets in Room I107, Wed.
    Advisor: Gaida
    Mission: To raise money for LLS (Leukemia Lymphoma Society and to support families of those affected by blood cancers.

    Students Demand Action
    Meets in Room H125, Fri.
    Advisor: De La Rosa
    Mission: To educate students on gun violence & its effects as well as get involved with SAMOHI's large population.

    Student Wellness Advisory Group
    Meets in Room L114, Mon.
    Advisor: Shuli Lotan
    Mission: To spread awareness about mental health and assist those in need and to raise money for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

    Study Abroad Club
    Meets in Room I107, Wed.
    Advisor: Gaida
    Mission: To assist students if they want to study abroad by helping them find a program and advize with applications as well as inform students about studying abroad and its benefits.

    Teach and Test
    Meets in Room I215, Wed. & Thurs.
    Advisor: Kay
    Mission: To collect and sample ocean water for fecal matter indicators and advocate for the ocean water safety of the Santa Monica Bay.

    Team Marine
    Meets in Room I215, Mon. & Wed.
    Advisor: Kay
    Mission: To educate our school/community about the climate crisis and encourage development of solutions through advocacy, activism, and community engagement as well as fight against plastic pollution, ocean acidification, and climate change.

    Technology and Impact (TIC)
    Meets in Room L101, Thurs.
    Advisor: Shore
    Mission: To provide an environment where like minded students can discuss technology and its impact on the economy/society and to create an inclusive environment where SAMOHI students have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from their peers.

    Ted-ed Club
    Meets in Room H121, Wed.
    Advisor: Lee
    Mission: To give students the opportunity to practice public speaking and present topics of interest in Ted talk format and to watch/discuss ted talks.

    The Formula1 Racing Club (F1 Club)
    Meets in Room I105, Mon.
    Advisor: Arnold
    Mission: To have a community safe space where fans of motorsport can convene and express their passion for racing and to promote friendship between those who are interested in motorsport.

    The Hiking Club
    Meets in Room E100, Tue.
    Advisor: Koehler
    Mission: To encourage a love for nature and exercise as well as to give lovers of hiking a community to hike with.

    The People Concern
    Meets in Room H119, Mon.
    Advisor: Hobkirk
    Mission: To assist the homeless organization "The People's Concern" in any way we can and to create a rewarding volunteer opportunity.

    The Philosophy of Buddhism
    Meets in Room H216, Tue.
    Advisor: Boyd
    Mission: To explore the peaceful, blossoming, religion of Buddhism and to connect with others, learn to be open minded, and create a safe/relaxing space for students who need to take a moment and reflect on themselves when things get hectic.

    The Plogging Club
    Meets in Room H214, Thurs.
    Advisor: Paulis
    Mission: To encourage environmentally friendly action through trash pickups and to aid students/teens with regular physical activity through jogging.

    The Sam Glamm Club
    Meets in Room H125, Thurs.
    Advisor: De La Rosa
    Mission: To provide a place where beauty can be worked on during school and a place for people to come and get a quick fix (beauty wise).

    The SAMOHI Tea Society
    Meets in Room H121, Thurs.
    Advisor: Lee
    Mission: To unite SAMO students with a common interest/love of tea and to provide a welcoming and non judgemental environment for students to enjoy lunch.

    Thrift for a Cause
    Meets in Room I219 ,Wed.
    Advisor: Forster
    Mission: To raise money and awareness for children in need of clothes while being environmentally cautious about the vast majority of waste when buying new clothes (thrift clothes for those in need).

    Try New Things Club
    Meets in Room I309, Mon.
    Advisor: Mireles-Toumayan
    Mission: To encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and help out community by improving quality of life.

    UCLA/SAMOHI Music at the Bedside
    Meets in Room I202, Thurs.
    Advisor: Faas
    Mission: To promote talented SAMOHI musicians to give back to their community by playing for sick patients at UCLA Hospital and ensure that each patient/family at UCLA Hospital Is offered the therapeutic power of music.

    Ultimate Frisbee Club
    Meets in Room H201, Fri.
    Advisor: Merlob
    Mission: To play frisbee and discuss the sport and to provide an environment where students can feel safe, learn team building skills, and make new friends.

    Veterinarian Club
    Meets in Room L101, Every other Tues.
    Advisor: Shore
    Mission: To learn more about what it is like to be a veterinarian and to study animals and their anatomy.

    Vex Robotics
    Meets in Room B200, After school Thurs.
    Advisor: Salumbides
    Mission: To compete in the worldwide Vex EDR competition with over 20,000 teams in over 40 countries and to promote creativity within engineering while developing knowledge in math, science, and other skills.

    Webtoon Club
    Meets in Room L205, Mon.
    Advisor: Kariya
    Mission: To create a safe space for students with the same interests to come together and make new friends and to discuss Webtoons and debate about the comics.

    Meets in Room I207, Tues.
    Advisor: Gaida
    Mission: To allow students to connect with kids in

    We Dine Together
    Meets in Room H214, Mon.
    Mission: To create lasting relationships and impact over the lunch table and to provide a safe place during lunch so no one has to eat alone and create a more inclusive community.

    We Talk Sports
    Meets in Room I308, Thurs. & Fri.
    Advisor: Veral
    Mission: To promote a fun and safe environment to discuss topics of sports and to encourage others to voice out their opinions about sports.

    Wheels that Heal
    Meets in Room L111, Thurs.
    Advisor: Shipley
    Mission: To raise money for bikes, scooters, skateboards, and helmets for underprivileged families, help the environment by having more people bike, skate, and scoot, and to spread awareness about the effect of motorized vehicles.

    Wrestling Club Wrestling Room Tues. Mun To raise money for wrestling team and to get people to join the sport/get involved.

    Y.E.S (You Empower Survivors)
    Meets in Room H122, Mon.
    Advisor: Orgill
    Mission: To spread awareness and educate students on campus about sexual harassment/assault and to provide a safe space for everyone on campus.

    Young Entrepreneurs
    Meets in Room I202, Thurs.
    Advisor: Faas
    Mission: To give students an opportunity to learn about the basics of starting a business in a creative way and to allow them to build character and express themselves creatively with hands-on project.

    Youth Engineering Club
    Meets in Room I203, Fri.
    Advisor: Snyder
    Mission: To build Rube Goldberg machines and compete in competitions regionally and online.

    Youth Ignite Christian Club
    Meets in Room L109, Fri.
    Advisor: Parker
    Mission: To provide a space to encourage and empower fellow Christians and to share the gospel and to spread God's love.

    Yuutousei (Japanese National Honors Society)
    Meets in Room L205, Fri.
    Advisor: Kariya
    Mission: To promote an interest in Japanese and to recognize high achievement in Japanese by students in high school.