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Purchasing Department Contracting Procedures

Steps to Contracting

check mark Identify project: Public Works, Maintenance, or Services
check mark Identify budget: Site Funds, Donations, District Funds
check mark Contact Facility Planner

Standard Bid Limits

check mark Public Works: $15,000
check mark Services & Equipment: $90,200 (as of January 1, 2018) See notice >
Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District is under the umbrella of the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA), which provides for alternative bidding procedures pursuant to Public Contract Code 22000 - 22050, BP 3311.1 which provides:
Informal Quotes: $45,000 or less requires three quotes
Informal Bids: $45,001 - $175,000 requires notification to registered vendors OR plan rooms and sealed bids.
Formal Bids: Required for projects in the amount of $175,001 and up. (Contracts may be awarded for up to $187,500 when all bids received exceed $175,000 and rebidding is not feasible).
Piggyback Bids: Public Contract Code 20118 allows public entities to acquire products or services by participating in an existing contract of another public entity. The public entity offering the piggyback contract must have available the contract, their board approval and the clause stating it's a piggyback bid. This must have Board of Education approval prior to being awarded.

Legal Requirements for Contracts

All contracts for construction above $1,000 are subject to prevailing wages.

All contracts for construction above $1,000 require a PWC100 be filed with the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations (SB 854).

Public works projects above $175,000 require a formal bid. Bids musts be advertised for a period of two weeks with no less than five days in between advertisements. Plan Rooms OR Contractors on the bidder's list must receive a 15 day notice of the bid opportunity.

Public Works projects above $25,000 require a Payment Bond.

Public works projects, especially those over $45,000 require a Performance Bond.

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